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La vita è incerta ma non c'è ragione di arrendersi aldestino in Italian is "Life is uncertain, but there is noreason to surrender to fate" in English.
It means p*ss off
it means "easy to read" in english
mon anneiversaire cest le Either : Months Date janvier un fevrier deux mars trois Avril quatre mai cinq juin six julliet aout septembre octobre novembre decembre that's about it get the rest of the numbers from somwhere else.... im only 12
"God bless you with a long and happy life together!" in English is Dio vi benedica con una vita lunga e felice insieme! inItalian.
How are you today? or How does the soup taste? or How did you do on the test?
lafayr, or, לְפַאֵר
El infinitivo de Saltaba es Saltar.
The latin term "Una We Possum", means "Together We Can"!!!! Una We Possum = Together We Can
"End" in English is fine in Italian.
Manchi in Italian is "Miss you" in English.
Well, it means "there is" or "there are", so you could say "Hay siete dias en la semana", which means There are seven days in the week.
I saw a tile store called Terra Firma once... And Veni, Vidi, Wi-fiwould be a great name for an ISP.
Permet de célébrer l'Engagement de ...
trans = across scribo = write
Es geht mir gut, und Ihnen? is the correct form. It means: I'm fine, how are you? It is usually given in response to the question Wie geht es Ihnen?
Do you mean Afrikaans? In which case: kombuis
Bambinaia in Italian is "nanny" in English.
"Darling" in English is tesoro ("treasure") in Italian.
According to Google Translate, bridge is pon in Creole. This may beinaccurate as "pon" is Haitian. I was directed to Haitian byGoogle, therefore assuming Haitian is Creole.
=== ku je qa je tu bo brre naj te 3 ka ti a po te rrieht ajo aaa tugn klm AA ===
lifes so hard-donde está el parador
¡Qué calor hace aquí o se trata sólo de que
νουμηνία, ας, ἡ or noumenia. It is feminine.
The name "Carol" is also used; I guess "Carola" would be the Spanish equivalent.
Colby has no Irish translation
hana is a blossom kaika suru is the verb to blossom
Like the word "Thing"? Isn't it "Cosa" Example: Look at that Thing In the Street>> Mira esa cosa en la calle
Inger is not a German word, regarding surnames it's a suffix. Family names in Germany developed during the medieval times. At first people had only a first name. In a small village where people knew each other it wasn't much of a problem. But later, when the citys increased and people had to...
'Non c'è più' translated to English is "There is no More"
Cerium has the atomic number 58, and is abbreviated as "Ce". It'sname comes from "Ceres", meaning asteroid. In addition to theasteroid meaning, Cerium also comes from the Roman version of thegod Demeter. Demeter was the god of agriculture in Ancient Greece.
"Stay out!" in English is Rimanere fuori! in Italian.
This is the word in Greek alphabet... έμβρυο (émvryo).
花 (Hana, literally means flower.) That's how you write it.
ne soyez pas jaloux/jalouse
Goed voor u is a Dutch equivalent of 'Good for you'.
Who's going to take care of you?
La means "the" so la rosa is "the rose" when translated from Catalan, Italian or Spanish to English.
'Much with all my heart but if you do not want to tell me
Apúrate means hurry up
You may use the word 'nigeru.'
It means "until tomorrow" in English
mousse. I hope you know you could just go on language tools in google classic page.
le phacochère
Answer . pirates of the carribean, the curse of the blackpearl, captain barbosa to elizabeth swan.
The French call Wales Pays de Galles.
A eme o are Portuguese and Spanish letters of the alphabet to spell amo ("I love").
viridi contrarium (I think) .
"Believe in your dreams!" in English is Credete nei vostrisogni! in Italian.
Its Jada, names don't change
As the spelling suggests, it means "angelic" or like an angel.
Tengo que decir algo que decirte
Mon fils Aiden a fait très bien avec ses mots français .
Barack = Baruch (ברוך) which means "blessed".
Computer uses in human life
I'm not sure, but I know it means Pretty in Spanish.
"Well you had better"
"Jackson" in English is figlio di Giacomo ("son of Jack")literally and Giacomo as a name in Italian.
Puoi baciarmi is a literal Italian equivalent of the English phrase "You can kiss me." The pronunciation will be "pwoy ba-TCHAR-mee" in Italian.
Sorry, love, but I don't speak English.
In Hebrew merciful means רַחוּם In Greek merciful means εύσπλαχνος