Syria is an Arabian country in the Middle East. Its capital is Damascus, also known as the oldest capital in human history.
There is no Syrian soldier in 8TH century BC.
The relevant city is Damascus.
The island of Cyprus is south of Turkey and west of Syria.
yes it is,its the oldest city in the world that has people living in it
Syrian He said it on Sabah al`7her ya Arab one MBC...You can find the video on Youtube.
Shuri al-Quwatli (first president of independent Syria) Subhi al-Khalidi (first president of French Syria) Go look up in Wikipedia and see for yourself.
renowned great scholar and writer of Damascus Syria,Shaykh As'ad Muhammad Saeed as-Sagharji (Head Imam of al-Jame'al-Umawi, Syria) lives in Damascus. He is one of the greatest faqihs (jurists) of Syria. He is the author of the famous work "al-Fiqh al-Hanafi wa Adillatuhu". Not only is he a great...
syrian's desert are not different from other deserts all deserts have alot of camels, horses and wolves, sometimes u can find snakes and rabbits.
The conflict in Syria is a civil war.
Syria, officially known as the Syrian Arab Republic, is a countryin Western Asia. It has a Semi-presidential system, Unitaryrepublic form of government.
Hellenistic means relating to Greek history, language, and culturefrom the death of Alexander the Great to the defeat of Cleopatraand Mark Antony by Octavian in 31 BCE. During this period Alexanderthe Great's Greek culture that he spread to the lands he conquered,flourished, spreading through the...
4591.25 SYP (As of February 15, 2010)
Honestly its under the usa goverment.
Syrians struggle with agriculture because they live in deserts and it is very hard to plant plants in a desert.
The main airport is Damascus International Airport, approximately 20 km (12 mi) away from the city center.
Yes and one of the Christian priests told the people with him that Muhammad is the prophet they are waiting for and mentioned in their holy book.
Muslims conquered Damascus: 637 C.E. . Syria becomes a French Mandate: 1919 C.E. . Syrian Civil War begins: 2011 C.E.
Syria was founded in 1946.
Hafez al-Assad, president of Syria from 1971-2000,
There are 14 main city in Syria.
yep and all around Asia
Syria gained its independence in April 1946 from France. However, before that the region of "Greater Syria" (Bilad al-Sham or the countries of the north) consisted of the region of the current states of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel/Palestine and was an administrative region of the Ottoman...
6000 years EDIT: This is incorrect. Syria has been called Syria since 10,000 B.C. Syria used to be larger than it currently is, but it divided into multiple countries. Source: I am Syrian.
They would have to travel south through Iraq to Kuwait, then down the coast through Saudi Arabia to the United Arab Emirates, then finally to Oman. There are other ways, but this is the most direct.
Arabic is the official language of Syria. Cake in Arabic is كعكة
Syrian hamsters aka golden hamsters, come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and fur lengths. All of the larger hamsters (about the size of a 12 yr old's hand) are Syrian hamsters. "Teddy Bear" and "Black Bear" hamsters are examples of breeds of Syrian hamsters. I have breed brown, black,...
If America went all out, America would win. However the people in America do not want war. There would be an uproar if we went into a full war sending all our troops to Iran. If just the current amount of troops that are in Iraq, Iran, Pakistan, etc. went in it would be another story. FINAL ANSWER:...
It is highly unlikely, but there are conspiracy theories.
When Alexander died he left no clear successor so his generals split it up into what we mow call the Hellenistic kingdoms. These finally settled out into Syria, Egypt and Macedonia.
No, Syria is an independent country. Turkey is the country that boarders Syria from the north.
syria itself is not economically wealthy, but the people in it are. they have extremely large family inheritances and pride themselves on their wealth. furthermore, syrian culture is driven by prestige and money. if you have neither, you can rely on your self respect and dignity as backup, and if...
Prophet mohammad went to syria with abu-talib at the age of 12 years
Hazael came to power by assassinating the King before him, who was named Ben-Hadad. Hazael was not of royal birth, so he might have named his son after his predecessor to link him to royalty and to send a signal that he meant for the rulership of Syria to remain in his family.
I Belive the island is called Cyprus Not sure
Sea of Galilee, also known as the Kinneret, which touches the GolanHeights. It is worth noting that the Sea of Galilee is actually a freshwaterlake (just like the Caspian Sea or Aral Sea). The closest saltwatersea to the Golan Heights is the Mediterranean Sea at approximately30 miles or 50...
The largest city in Syria is Aleppo, with a population of 2 301 570 as of 2005. The second most populous city is Damascus, with a population of 1 711 000. The third largest city in Syria is Homs with an official population of 1 267 000.
They wear the same clothes worn in Europe and the United States. Very few Muslims wear the traditional head peice and most Syrians don't so it's hard to tell wheather somebodys Christian or Muslim.
Allepo is located in Northern Syria and is the largest city in Syria. It is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and has a population of 2,301,570!
Less than fifty percent of the population is considered to be literate....
According to the "Earthquake Newspaper Archive" link, below, the 1201 earthquake killed 1.1 million people in the Egypt and Syria region.
syria became indapendant from France in April 17, 1946
Yes they probably do. The only places that peregrine falcons are not found are extreme polar regions, very high mountains, most tropical rainforests and New Zealand.
Yes there is a Syrian Honorary Consulate in Makati - Manila You can call this number to get the address direction +632-8453041 or you can take a taxi to the following address: 15the Floor, Liberty Center Building, 104 H.V. Dela Costa, Salcedo Village, Makati City-Metro Manila-...
Horrible. Anyone over the age of 12 must die a tortorous death. They are then placed in a chamber with a bunch of 5 year old prostitutes.
No it is not. it is internal city
I am Syrian and I think that they are very similar. Differences are based on cities rather than region and tend to be the spices used and small details which sometimes have a big impact on the taste.
Syria, Virginia 22743 ...
It's a Muslim and Christian country. Syria was a CHristian Country, it is mentioned in the bible as Aram, and as i believe it attacked Israel because of some proubles between the Christians and Jews. I am not Christian but i do know stuff :D/
88 males 44 females
mountains, and hills
The Arab Oil Embargo was initiated to draw the attention of the World and especially the United States to the Israeli aggression and the occupation of the Arab lands in Egypt and Syria.
Geographical regions The area includes about 185,180 square kilometers of deserts, plains, and mountains. It is divided into a coastal zone--with a narrow, double mountain belt enclosing a depression in the west-- and a much larger eastern plateau. The climate is predominantly dry; about three...
The Baath Party and its puppet parties under the National Progressive Front. All opposition parties are banned in Syria.
Red stands for blood, green stands for nature, white stands for independence, and the stars represent happiness.
Typically violence and repression in those countries affect tourismas does the media perception that these countries are dangerous.
Syria is 71,998 square miles.
Syria has an area of 185,180 sq km (71,498 sq mi). 185,180 sq km
The great mosque is masjed al aqsa in damascus were jesus i believed to reappear