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A fish is any aquatic vertebrate animal that is typically cold-blooded, covered with scales, and equipped with two sets of paired fins and several unpaired fins.
Here are some fish that live in the northwest coast: cabezon, giantMoray Eel, walleye, surfperch, Flag rockfish, and the monkeyfacedeel.
The current population is unknown because of the little informationthat is know about its ability to reproduce and the depths thatthey live at.
if they are being tended to they will need to eat ground up foodthat's made for there size,At four months they no longer need toeat that kind of food and require regular fish food.
sharks, seals, sea lions and large species of carnivorous fishalong with humans.
they beat there abdomens on a tree or rock (beating there abdomens means they go back and forth in a humping motion)
What cultural expectations and values does cisneros reveal
one gallon is 4 cups of water u can do rest of the maths
Yes. The three most dangerous sharks can be found in theMediterranean* sea. . Dangerous sharks found: . Great White . Tiger shark . Bull shark . Blacktip shark . Three species of hammerheads . Shortfin mako shark
If they are in a tank, make sure they are fed and the water isclean. To clean the tank, remove the fish and put them straightinto another source of water. Remember if your fish is salt orfresh water. . If the fish is in the sea, river or pond, its best to leaveit. . If the fish is on land near a...
Eels, dugongs, dolphins and other marine mammals, and large fishincluding sharks.
Depends on how much he has saved from the pirate treasure he has collected. Marriot vs. Motel 6.
The width of females are wider than males, and the male's barbels(whiskers) are also larger.
The shark has an egg that develops in the femaleâ??s uterus. Thedevelopment period is 11 months and the sharkâ??s jaw developing onits first month. A female shark usually gives birth from 4 up to 11babies.
pretty all types of cichlids do. they might like laser pointers, like a cat does
they have a chemical in there body that uses energy to make light.
The clown fish have an immunity to the poisonous sting of the seaanemone. The clown fish protects and cleans the anemone while theanemone protects the fish from other predators.
Changes in the environment, such as temperature, lack of food orstronger currents can cause sharks to adapt.
the water type the food supply
They do not show certain actions that inform you that fishes areabout to lay eggs. The fish's abdomen will get bigger, and the malefish can get aggressive at times. Gold barbs scatter their eggswherever they please, being egg-scatterers.
No because starfish es mouths are smaller than tuna fish!
It depends. How are you transporting it? If it's just in a fish bagwith oxygen, probably a couple of hours in conditions that are nottoo extreme or stressful. If it's in an open container, probably alittle bit longer, but you have to be a lot more careful. Remember,traveling can be extremely...
Seahorses are mostly endangered because some people use them for medicinal purposes. . because people like catching them for souvenirs and they also like drying them.. Chinese also catch them because they use them for medicine.
Chub mackerel are widespread in the Indo-Pacific. They are absentfrom the Indian Ocean except for South Africa from KwaZulu-Natal toWestern Cape, and are replaced by the closely related Atlantic chubmackerel in the Atlantic. The chub mackerel is widely distributed,usually found in the northwestern,...
insects usually dont eat zooplankton. They eat algae.
you cook it in the oven for 15-30 mins. then salt and addd garlicfor some taste.
this is a common misunderstanding. There has been rumors aboutpeople getting sick after eating shark and swordfish, but there isno real toxin in either species. Thats why they are just rumors
in runescape there is no such thing as toxic amout of shark or sword fish if your talking about a real life situation as your doctor for advice hope this helped add me if you have any question (CYCLON3X111)or(illdog9512)
Perhaps you are thinking of a sting ray.
Some goldfish, depending on the breed, may develop differentcoloration.
Yes, you can! It also depends on the accessories that you have inyour tank. Research the required items/temperature of water foreach fish. :) Hope I helped.
People eat trout. It is excelled broiled or fried.
you are more likely to get killed by a coconut then a shark most shark attacks are non fatal
Community Answer 1 Yes, a goldfish is actually a carp which is a bony fish. ______________________ Community Answer 2 Yes, since they are part of the phylum osteichthys, meaningbone-fish, they do indeed have bones. No matter how miniscule. Soyes this fish does have bones.
Walleye Pike ... not! . Sanders vitreus vitreus is a freshwater perciform. Although sometimes called a Pike, the walleye is not related to the pike.. The Walleye is native to Canada and the Northern US.. The Walleye is a freshwater fish in the Pike family. They get their name from the film over...
Its stomach will grow a little in size if you have multiple comparethem roughly
... if the guppies are big enough ;)
About 5 to 7 years in the wild.
people ship live creatures a cross countries it is cruel but yes
A betta can eat any betta food regardless of the manufacturer; they typically market it as Betta Bites.
That depends entirely upon the species. Some species are actually impossible to determine unless you catch them in the act of breeding.
Primarily it is not a Physical difference depending on what type offish but the common gold fish would need blood work to cheek thesexually orientation.
A carnivore snail will eat meat or eat other snails and a herbivore snail will not eat meat and will only eat vegetables.
"The world record brookie weighed 14 pounds 8 ounces and was 33 incheslong caught in Ontario in 1915; the Maryland record is a fishweighing 6 pounds 2 ounces caught in the North Branch of the Potomac in 1999. Habitat: Brooktrout prefer clean, cold, rocky streams with plenty of shade, andwell-...
According to the Related Link: "Baron Alexander von Humboldt (September 14, 1769-May 6, 1859) was a Prussian naturalist and explorer who explored much of Central and South America. Humboldt and his friend, the French medical doctor/botanist Aime-Jacques-Alexandre Goujoud Bonpland (1773-1858),...
no!, as their name suggests they live in salt water.
Well, lion fish are mostly attacked by tiger sharks and puffer fish to are in danger of this outcome. Also I might think that banded sea kraits might attack the fish. Since they've got poisonous spines they may not be in danger.
I'm not entirely sure what question you are asking, but 'hajimete anata wo mita' means 'first time [I] saw you.'
no (obviously)
Of course they can all fish have gills which allow them to breath in water.
it is filled with all kinds of air that can be found underwater.....
Most fish exchange gases using gills on either side of the pharynx (throat). Gills are tissues which consist of cloth andfabric structures called filaments . These filaments have many functions including thetransfer of ions and water, as well as the exchange of oxygen,carbon dioxide, acids and...
mostly smaller fish like mollies guppies snails and otocinclus
Usually the mother protects it until a certain age then leave them,though when they're taking care of them the mothers willpractically do anything to save the baby.
Great White Sharks ( Carcharodon carcharias ), being the largest predatory fish, do eat other sharks, including those of their same species. They do not eat humans, though they sometimes confuse us for a seal (their favorite prey) and take an exploratory bite. Humans are not a natural part of any...
The body's excretions can provide warning signs about health andwellness. Atypical bowel movements, such as oily stool, are usuallyharmless and have more to say about the previous day's menu thanabout disease. However, persistent and unexplained changes in theappearance of bowel movements may be... can teach angelfish tricks like play dead,stand,ect.(and some more tricks)
A recent megalodon tooth was found off the coast of hawaii and itweighed in at 2 lbs based on all megalodon tooth findings theaverage is about 1.5 lbs
Not so easily, but it's extremely hard to breed as well the fish have no gender unless you put two in a tank they will sort it out themselves usually the larger clown fish
Yes they will if the fish are small enough to fit in their mouth.Fry will a lot of times get eaten by their parents, thinking theyare food.
If your baby has a rash or a runny nose, you might chalk it up toinfant acne or a cold. But these symptoms could also indicate anallergy. If either you or your spouse is allergic, it's a likelypossibility. Learning about common allergies and their symptomswill help You work with your doctor to get...
So weird i just ate salmon and you have yo see inside if it is likepink to orange and make sure it is still s little moist
keep in mind some fish change gender after matting so it would behard or rare
Yes, all fishes are cold blooded!
You should not worry if you are bitten by a catfish. it may hurt a little, but i have never seen one with sharp teeth. They have really small ones. However the dorsal fins on virtually all catfish have a very sharp spine, and some of them have poison glands at the base of the spine (mostly small...
Mosquito Larvae, aquatic crustaceans, worms. They will also eatflakes, algae granules, bloodworms, crushed pellets, brine shrimp,or baby shrimp.
shark teeth are useful to shark because it helps them catch theirpredator or hunter.
because it attarcks them and they think it is food and then itcomes to you
wash your gear... then clean the washing machine, or hand wash itout with the hose and soap
From what I've heard, the more you feed your goldfish the bigger itwill get! This also depends on the size fish tank or bowl it is in.It probably won't get big enough to outgrow your tank.
It is about to die or it is old or weak
No because it is too dry
In Lake Erie, the fish that shed their teeth are either the whitefish, or the walleye fish.
Keep them in their own large tank with only a few inches of water.Try to feed them a variety of foods. Change half of their water.Add about 10 degree cooler water to trigger the hatching. Bewarned, they will eat their own eggs/tadpoles. I hope this helps.
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When the baby sharks is in the moms stomach, sometimes they eatthere siblings.
The smell of dead sharks.
flying fish from life of pi
No they just get weak
The Hawai'i state fish is the humuhumunukunukuāpua'a, or the reef triggerfish. Its scientific name is Rhinecanthus rectangulus .
It is a fish that swims and if you are allergic to any type of fishthen just don't eat any type of fish
Because they are still newborn
I think they come from krill,right i don't think so
They can live anywhere from 2 days to 20 or 25 years. It alldepends on how the water is kept and how happy it is.
they are all water based
When they cant swim and they don't eat wait or is that a gubby
FIrst of all that is gross and second of all nothing really if youactually cook it if you dont it is like if yo ate worms
Only one pelet a day their stomach is as big as their eye so dontover feed them OR THEY WILL DIE