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The earth is divided into 24 time zones. Each zone is 15 degrees longitude in width and observes a clock time one hour earlier than the zone immediately to the east. Ask questions here about time differences between different areas of the world.


Seoul (UTC+9) is always two hours ahead of Hanoi(UTC+7).
Glasgow, UK is 8 hours ahead of Prince George, BC, Canada. Therefore, 9.30 am in Prince George is 4.30 pm in Glasgow and 9.30pm is 4.30 am the following day.
Winnipeg, Canada is in the CST (UTC-6) time zone. Australia has six different time zones: Perth - AWST (UTC+8) which is fourteen hours ahead of Winnipeg Eucia - ACWST (UTC+8.45) which is fourteen hours, and forty fiveminutes ahead. Darwin - ACST (UTC+9.30) which is fifteen hours, and thirty...
The Super Bowl starts at 6:00 P.M. Eastern time so it starts at 3:00 P.M. Pacific Time
Melbourne Australia time is 19 hours ahead of California time, eg. if it is 6:00am monday morning in California, it will be 1:00am Tuesday morning in Melbourne Australia (daylight saving time for both areas not included)
Australia is 16 hours ahead than Vancouver Bc
New Jersey is eastern time.
ut- universal time pst- pacific standard time
Athens is 7 hours ahead than New York.
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GMT stands for Greenwich Meridian Time
no gmt is different standard time for universe and places we travelhave different domains then these
If you leave Atlanta at 5 pm you will arrive in London at 12:39pm
Most of Michigan is in the same time zone as North Carolina.
Noon is the hour of 12:00 in an observer's local time zone, or more loosely, a time near the middle of the day when workers in many countries take a meal break. The scientific term solar noon describes the moment when the sun crosses the meridian in apparent solar time, the time during a day...
there is no difference between the time of the two cities
8pm et means 8 pm in the eastern time
Greece (UTC+2/UTC+3) is always 2 hours ahead of England (UTC/UTC+1).
Scotland is 5 hours ahead of Atlanta.
lattitude determine the time zoes of different cities
The Dominican Republic is 1 hour ahead of North Carolina.
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There is a 3 hour time difference. It is 9 AM in Oregon.
It takes about 4 hours between the two cities.
it is gmt+7 hours means it is 7 hours ahead of standard gmt
it comes in the indo-china time
it will be 4:00 am of the next day in Russia
Leap year officially was accepted in 45 BC so ruffly (exact years between BC and AD are not known, best guess is 33 years for the age of Christ at death) 2088 years. so if every 4 years there is 1 extra day. Without leap years/days the date today (Dec 15 2010) would be 522 days less than what we...
it is 8 hours behind the standard gmt
The kickoff is at 6:30 pm eastern time.
New Brunswick, Canada is 6 hours ahead of the Hawaii.
You also need to state the location (timezone) you want thatconverted to
london is 5 hours ahead of the atlanta
Iran is about 3h and 30m ahead of the UK
It is the eastern time zone on daylight-savings time.
thailand is 12 hours ahead of canada
Mainland Spain is 9 hours behind most of Australia's cities. Forexample, if it is 12 midnight in Sydney, Australia, it is 3 in theafternoon in Madrid, Spain.
there are all different times . From the 1st Sun. of Apr. to the 1st Sun. of Oct., Sydney (UTC+10) is . 2 hrs. ahead of most of Western Australia (UTC+8), . 1.25 hrs. ahead of the Eucla, WA area (UTC+8.75), . ½ hr. ahead of the Northern Territory and South Australia (UTC+9.5), and . on the...
The international dateline is 12 hours later than Greenwich, or 12hours earlier than Greenwich, depending on what side of thedateline you are considering.
london is 5 hours ahead of western US
I got two different times--- 3:25 or 3:30 pm PST.
the GMT comprises of the area near the london city which wasdiscovered by the sailor
New York is 1 hr ahead of Houston
Canada spans the same timezones as mainland USA, thus one is the same as Chicago.
it is now about 5 a.m. in ottawa
6 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.
texas is 3 hours ahead of thr alaska
All countries in Europe that observe Summer Time (the preferredname for Daylight Saving Time in most of the world) begin it on thelast Sunday of March at 1 AM UTC. In Spain, that's 2 AM CET.
Kuwait is 9 hours ahead of Dallas, TX, USA
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No, not at all. Fiji shares the same time in all its 300+ islands. Fiji is North of New Zealand and these two countries share the same time and day, date and year.
it is 4 hour behind the gmt
In Ohio in 1957, Daylight Saving Time began at 2 AM EST on Sunday,April 28 and ended at 2 AM EDT on Sunday, October 27.
it will take about about 17 hours on an average from NY to Shanghai
it will take about 8 hours by airlines to travel
the philiphines is long 14 hours.
europe is ahead of canada by some hours
There is no time difference between California, USA and Seattle,WA, USA
When a weather phenomenon called El Nino happens, the eastern Pacific is warmer than normal.
It is currently 12:48 AM in the country of Germany right now.Germany is located in the Central European time zone.
San Antonio, TX, USA is 2 hours ahead of San Francisco, USA
the drive time between these two is 10 hours approximately
both eastern and central
It is nine hours from California to Italy, It is nine and a half hours from Italy to california.....
St. Louis is in the Central Time Zone and Honolulu is in theHawaii-Aleutian Time Zone, so it is 5 hours behind St. Louis.
Honolulu is on the Hawaii-Aleutian Time Zone. This time zone isthree hours behind Pacific Standard Time (the west coast of theUnited States).
Spain is 9 hours ahead of Seattle, WA, USA
japan is 7 hours ahead of israel
Hong Kong is 8 hours ahead of London.
Moscow, Russia is 8 hours ahead of New York, NY, USA
it will be 12 pm in the cst
Maldives is ahead of the standard GMT by 5 hours.
United Kingdom is 8 hours ahead of San Francisco, CA, USA
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