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Collecting US pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters, etc. as a hobby. Please include as many of these criteria as possible in your question to ensure an accurate evaluation of a coin: the denomination, the country of origin, the year of minting and the condition.
Minimum of $24, one in perfect condition can be worth $8100 ormore.
Silver value in bad circulated condition, $25 in average circulated condition, $35 in good circulated condition, and $730 in uncirculated condition.
It's worth 2 cents for the copper content.
For an accurate assessment of value the coin needs to be seen and graded. The 1927 Standing Liberty Quarter is a high mintage common coin. Most coins show heavy wear. In general retail values for low grade coins are $5.00-$13.00, better grade are $15.00-$50.00 and coins showing almost no wear run...
1917 makes it a Standing Liberty quarter, so the mint mark is just above and to the left of the date (the mint mark on quarters wouldn't return to the obverse again until 1968). No mark indicates Philadelphia, S is San Francisco, and D is Denver.
JFK was a senator in 1957 and very much alive so he could not legally be depicted on a coin. All halves dated 1948-1963 carry a picture of Benjamin Franklin .
W is the monogram of the designer, A. A. Weinman. Mint marks were on the backs of most coins up till 1968 and in any case the West Point Mint didn't exist in 1942. Please see the Related Question.
If in England, then about 40p.
Indian head cents were made from 1859 to 1909. Please check your coin and post a new question.
1942 is a common date for dimes. It's worth a little over $2.
The value depends on the type and severity of the the error. Ifnothing else, it contains two cents' worth of copper.
It's a novelty item called a magician's coin, and has no collector value.
If it has one, it's on the reverse just above the letters DO in dollar. All mintmarks for Morgan dollars are in the same location.
The only nickels that ever contained any silver were the famous "war nickels" struck from mid-1942 to the end of 1945. They're distinguished by a gray color when tarnished and by the presence of a very large mint mark letter over the dome of Monticello.
Check on the back to see if it has a mint mark letter. Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 01/2010: No mint mark (Philadelphia): Very worn condition - $2200 Moderately worn - $4380 Slightly worn - $5720 Almost no wear - $15,632 Uncirculated - $29,380 to $168...
The answer is a definite no, yes, and maybe. It all depends on thecoins' rarities. Denver often minted more coins in a given year than San Francisco,but sometimes the opposite was true. Also over time coins may havebeen lost, damaged, or melted which affects the number availableversus their...
More information is needed to make an accurate valuation. If the coin is about the size of a quarter and has either a picture of Sacagawea or a US president on the front, it's a modern $1 coin made of brass, not gold, and is worth exactly one dollar. Feel free to spend it - billions have been made.
In all lower values they have the same value. Is values above MS60the 1945-S takes a higher value.
Current retail value is $9.00 issue price was $9.00
I'm not 100% sure values change all the time check cointracker.comthat has the best results
The first US quarters were made in 1796. Please check again and post a new question.
The intrinsic value of a 1952 penny would be 0.93 cents at theapproximate current value of copper. . As for its numismatic value, that varies from year to year.Currently it might be worth as much as $4.00 in excellentcondition, otherwise it might be worth around fifteen cents.
Yes, many. > Any dime dated 1964 or earlier is made of a 90% silver alloyso its melt value is about 0.07 times the current price of 1 troyounce of silver. > Early-date Roosevelt dimes and nearly all Mercury dimes have acollector value of at least $2 or $3. Mercury dimes' values can beconsiderably...
The following is quoted from, a site operated by PCGS: . Called the "King of Morgan Dollars", the 1895 is one of the most desirable and sought-after dates in the series. Although Mint records indicate a mintage of 12,000 circulation strikes, experts believe that only 880 Proofs...
Please check the date again, the last Buffalo was in 1938.
These coins are also frequently called Indian Head nickels. Pleasesee the Related Question for more information.
Well as we all know a penny is copper colored and is a littlebigger than a dime.
The "Mercury Head" design was only used on dimes minted from 1916 to 1945. The design used on quarter-eagles from 1840 to 1907 is simply a representation of Miss Liberty.
Check for a mint mark on the reverse side. Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 01/2010: No mint mark (Philadelphia): Very worn condition - $216 Moderately worn - $330 Slightly worn - $510 Almost no wear - $3598 Uncirculated - $8940 to $18750 depending on...
1900 morgan silver 1886 indian head penny
I have had this coin for almost 20 yrs. I bought mine for 50.00 in 1992 0r 93. I would value the coin in mint condition at around 80.00 US dollars. This coin will skyrocket over the next 10 years to about 500 US dollars when Shaquille goes into the Basketball HOF
Upwards of $100.00 according to some sources.
The words Trade Dollar are on the reverse of the coins.
its value is how we made peace we made with the French ALSO we need pennies for in the future because the U.S. is going to stop making pennies so save every pe
Original Jefferson Peace Medals sell for $500+ ... 20th centuryrestrikes for about $50 ... modern replicas $2-$5 ... now you haveto find out which one you have!
The coin is a Barber quarter and most are circulated and show heavy wear with retail values at $3.00-$5.00 better grade coins are $15.00-$30.00
Current retail value for a Liberty Head 1903 Double Eagle is $1,490.00 in the grade of MS-60
Current retail value for this date/mint Morgan in MS-64 is $500.00
I know you wont believe this but... it is worth exactly... One dollar... surprising, isn't it? CORRECTION!! Silver dollars minted up till 1935 were made of 90% silver and 10% copper. The silver gives them a melt value of around $16 as of mid-2010. However, different dates, conditions, and mint...
Counterfeit coins are worth about as much as the (usually) low-quality metal that they're made of. 1804 dollars are among the most frequently faked coins because real ones are worth millions, but all of those have been accounted for.
Sorry, no 1897 Carson City Morgan's were struck, the last year was 1893
Retail values of this date/mint Morgan in circulated condition are fairly high at $530.00 in the low grade of G-4 because the coin is rare in all grades. If you actually have a example of this coin I suggest having it graded by one of the professional grading services.
4-18-11>> All Walking Liberty Half dollars from 1940 to 1945 regardless of mintmarks, in average circulated condition are valued the same. About $14.00 to $15.00. The values will go up and down along with the price of silver.
The 1998 Silver Eagle is a bullion coin and it's value follows the spot price of silver and as of today 1-31-10 value is $16.19 per ounce, so that's the coins value.
Look on the back of the coin to see if there's a small mint mark letter below the eagle. It may be blank or there may be an S. Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 02/2011: No mint mark (Philadelphia): Very worn condition - $402 Moderately worn - $426 ...
Purely air resistance, the feather floats on the air. The mass is irrelevant. If a penny was dropped at the same time as a brick (ignoring wind resistance) both would hit the ground at the same time. Look up Galileo's tower of Pisa experiment.
1¢ It's either plated or has been exposed to a chemical that changed its color. That's a frequent experiment in high school chemistry.
1942 is a common date Lincoln cent with low values of 3 to 10 cents for circulated coins, only uncirculated coins have better values in the range of 75 cents to $1.25 depending on the grade.
The wheat ears appearing on cents minted from 1909 to 1958 honored the power of American agriculture.
To clear things up: . The only nickels that have any silver are "war nickels" madefrom 1942-45. All others are made of 75% copper and 25%nickel. . The buffalo image was used on nickels from 1913 to 1938; all1900 nickels carry a picture of Miss Liberty . Coins are said to be struck or minted; the...
Uncirculated for 10/15 US dollars
If it is uncirculated, a dealer would probably want $1 for it. But don't try to sell him another one because he probably already has a ton of them in the back room and would be happy to get $3 for a roll
"Afrika Borwa" means "South Africa" in the Sepedi language. The value of your coin would depend on its year of mintage, denomination and condition.
It means the coin was minted in San Francisco. The S is a smallletter underneath the date on the front of the coin. The San Francisco Mint struck cents for circulation most years from1908 to 1955, and again from 1968 to 1974. Starting in 1968 thatmint has also struck most proof coins so there are...
In the Peace dollar series proof coins were only struck in 1921 & 1922 and the proofs of those years are valued at $55,000.00-$80,000.00
Half-dimes were tiny (14 mm) coins issued up till 1873. The reason your coin is the size of a nickel (21 mm) is that it IS a nickel. However, without a date it's not possible to give a specific value. Please enter a new question in the form What is the value of a [date] US nickel? for a specific...
1933 and earlier gold coins are 90% precious metal. In average condition their retail value is determined by the current price of gold; a metal dealer will pay less. Look on the back of the coin to see if there's a small mint mark letter below the eagle. It may be blank or there may be an S. ...
1889 was the last year for a $1.00 US gold coin. look at the coin again an post new question
Assuming the coin has no mint mark and is circulated retail values are $10.00-$22.00 for most coins.
This coin has .96750oz of pure gold, the total weight of the coin is 33.436 grams.
A US quarter dated 1915 does contain 90% silver, so yes it is silver
Retail values for most circulated coins are $14.00-$26.00 depending on grade.
Please look at the coin again. A dual-dated US $1 coin would be from the Bicentennial, so the dates will be 1776-1976 . There's more at the Related Question.
Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 01/2011: Very worn condition - $234 Moderately worn - $300 Slightly worn - $540 Almost no wear - $1,448 Uncirculated - $3,130 to $63,050 depending on quality DISCLAIMER: The retail values quoted are the best available as of...
The coin's value changes with the price of silver metal. Please seethe question "What is the value of a 1924 US silver dollar?" formore information. To clear up a couple of points: . U.S. coins were never struck in sterling silver. They werestruck in so-called coin silver which is 90% silver, 10...
As of 2-1-10 value is about $16.50 for the coin.
One cent. It's a novelty item made by altering a normal 1964 cent.
Sorry, silver dollars don't have genders.
1996-S cents were only struck for sale as part of proof sets. In their original package, they retail for about $1 to $1.50. If the coin has been removed from its package and spent, that destroyed most or all of its collector value, unfortunately.
This unusual design was only struck from 1866 to mid-1883, but values can vary dramatically depending on the coin's date and condition. Please check the site at the Related Link for more details. Value depends on grade and date. Post new question please.
Statue of Liberty Souvenir Coin. A gift from the people of France to the people of the United States... Dedicated October 28, 1886 Brass: 30 mm
The date should be on the front of the coin below the picture of Miss Liberty.
Please post a new question with the coin's denomination. In 1920 Indian Head designs were used on both nickels and $10 gold pieces.
In the year 2000, the American Eagle $5 Gold Coin was minted - it carried a mint mark of "S" or "W." If the coin is in a mint state of MS65, its value is: $110; if its mint state is proof (PF65), its value is: $125.
Uh, the US Bicentennial was in 1976 , 200 years after the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Please check your coin again and post a new question.
This coin has retail values for circulated examples in the low grades of G-4 to F-12 of $1,480.00-$1,620.00 because of this I suggest having the coin graded by a dealer or collector to get a better idea of value.
If you got it in change or at the bank, just spend it. The 1995 coins were released for circulation, only proof and mint set issue coins have more than face value.
1932-1964 Washington quarters were made of 90% silver and 10% copper. All circulating quarters dated 1965 and later are copper-nickel. Special 40% silver quarters were made for collectors in 1976 and since 1992, 90% silver ones have been made for Prestige proof sets.
Circulated coins have retail values of $700.0-$1,400.00, show the coin to a collector or dealer for a grade. It's the only way to get a an accurate value.
If your coin has no letter above the dual date, or a small D, it's made of copper-nickel and not silver. The last circulating silver halves were dated 1969. If it has an S it's a proof coin and may be copper-nickel or 40% silver, but these coins weren't put into circulation. Check the edge to see...
Depending on the actual grade, values are $20.00-$30.00 if the coin grades at F-12 or below.
This design is normally called a Barber half, after its designer Charles Barber. Look under the eagle to see if there's a mint mark letter. Numismedia lists the following approximate retail values as of 05/2011: No mint mark (Philadelphia): Very worn condition - $17 Moderately worn - $41 ...
Monticello is on the back of the nickel because it's one of the symbols most associated with Jefferson. He designed the house himself and it contained a number of innovations that were ahead of their time.
It means that the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation (NGC) has certified the coin to be authentic and given it a numismatic grade. The term FULL RED refers to the color of the coin which would be a coin made mostly of copper.
There are no US coins with her picture from those years. Anthony dollars were minted in 1979-81 and 1999.
The coin needs to be seen for a accurate assessment, low grade coins have retail values of $60.00-$80.00 and the higher the grade the higher the value up to $600.00 for a circulated example, so take it to a dealer or collector for a better idea of value.
The is no 1921S Peace dollar; Peace dollars were not produced in San Francisco ("S" mintmark) in 1921. If your 1921 dollar coin is a Peace dollar, it was produced in Philadelphia and has no mintmark; if it has an "S" mintmark, it is a Morgan dollar produced in San Francisco).
Please check your coin again. 1921 Peace dollars were only struck at Philadelphia. If the eagle on the back of your coin has outstretched wings it's a Morgan dollar rather than a Peace dollar; both types were struck that year. There's more information at the Related Question. Check that coin...
It's 1776-1976 not 1975-1976- So many of the dual dated quarters were made that only proof and special uncirculated coins sold from the mint have more than face value.
I suggest taking the coin to a collector or dealer for grading or even a coin show in your area for a better idea of condition.
As of 07/2008 - about $1 in worn condition, $2 with somewhat less wear.
The Mercury Dime contains: 0.900 silver and 0.100 cooper. The net weight of the pure silver in this coin is: 0.07234 oz.