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Q: What is the value of the 1787 fugio?
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How do you notice the fake fugio coin of 1776?

All genuine "Fugio Coppers" are date 1787 not 1776, so the date on your coin is wrong or it's not a Fugio cent.

When was the first American penny made?

The first was a privately minted coin called the FUGIO Cent in 1787.

When were pennies first used in the US?

The first us penny was used in 1787 it was called a Fugio Cent

Did the US mint coins in 1768?

No not in 1768. The first coins issued by the authority of the United States were the 1787 "Fugio" coppers.

What was the first coin issued in the US?

The first coin issued by authority of the United States was the 1787 "FUGIO CENTS" that were struck in New Haven Connecticut.

The first officially sanctioned US coin was a penny called the Fugio Cent minted in 1787 What did Benjamin Franklin pick to be that coin's obverse motto?

Mind Your Business

What was written on the first penny?

The first penny minted in the United States in 1787 had the phrase "Mind Your Business" inscribed on it.

What did the first US penny say?

in 1727 the first US penny said "mind your own business" FUGIO coppers or "cents" were struck in 1787 and are the first coins made by the authority of the United States, the motto is correct.

What was the saying on the first penny?

There were earlier one-cent coins issued by the colonies and the British penny goes back even further, but the first coin issued officially by the US Government was the 1787 Fugio Cent. The design was specified in the Journal of Congress as "on one side ... thirteen circles linked together, a small circle in the middle, with the words 'United States,' around it; and in the centre, the words 'We are one'; and on the other side of the same piece ... a dial with the hours expressed on the face of it; a meridian sun above on one side of which is the word 'Fugio.' and on the other the year in figures '1787', below the dial, the words 'Mind Your Business."

What actors and actresses appeared in Fugio Diem - 2008?

The cast of Fugio Diem - 2008 includes: Ryan Binaco as Chris Dustin Kerns as Eric Leah Rudick as Nicole

What is the value of the first penny?

The first US penny, the Fugio cent, goes for around $100 in very poor condition to several thousand dollars in the highest states of preservation.

What information on the fugio penny history?

There's a history at the Related Link, below.