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Collecting coins of Asia as a hobby. Please include as many of these criteria as possible in your question to ensure an accurate evaluation of a coin: the denomination, the country of origin, the year of minting and the condition.
Well, I'm not a coin-collector but a numismatist. The descriptionyou gave, makes it certain that it is a coin from Thailand.
Japan's coins are denominated in yen and sen; there's no coin called a quarter. Please post a new and separate question with more information that might help to ID the coin. Note that anything with such a new date is unlikely to be worth more than face value.
As of February 2016, it's worth about $2.25.
The value of one Japanese peso varies, however, it is predominatelyless than $3. Five pesos would be less than $20.
The 1 Peso coins were introduced to replace the paper notes in 1972.
Between 10 to 200 dollars depending on it's condition
One Hong Kong Dollar is approximately 12.5 US Cents, so $10 HK is about $1.25 US.
No. Magnets can only attract coins with high amounts of nickeland/or steel. It cannot even attract common cupro-nickel (75%, 25%)coins.
Between $27 and $312. In the future please include the condition ofthe coin so I can value it more precisely for you.
Actually if I were you I would not exchange but sell it I also have one and its worth 2.75 if UNC (Uncirculated) it could be worth 13.00
A date and denomination are needed. Please post a new, separate question with that information.
Between $2.50 and $98.50. In the future, please add the condition of the coin so I can value it more precisely for you. *All values in US dollar.
nastik, maharastra.
At the current exchange rate, about 1 1/4 US cents.
8 - 9 cents with inflation to buying power scale. Interestingly it costs to print in 2012: $1 and $2 notes -- 5.2 cents per note $5 and $10 notes -- 8.5 cents per note $20 and $50 notes -- 9.2 cents per note $100 note -- 7.7 cents per note Cost of Producing the Penny, Nickel, Dime,...
A 1931 philipeno one centavo is worth $0.43. I hope it helped.
One Hong Kong dollar is equal to about 12.5 US cents, so 20 HK cents would be two and one half US cents.
A 1914 philipeno one centavo is worth $0.49. I hope it helped.
It is a Japanese 1 Sen, either Y#59 or Y#62, although the former is much more common. It was minted in 1941-1943, and is composed of aluminum.
I have 3 old 1945 central reserve bank of china notes of 5000 yuan do they have montary value today
Four types of coins were minted in 1986. 10 cents: 36 cents in perfect condition. 2 dollars: Between 40 cents and $1.50. 5 dollars: Between 60 cents and $7.20. 1000 dollars: Two different designs were placed on 1986 1,000 dollar coins. Regardless of design, they are worth $842.50 in perfect...
How much is a N202050 D 1954 one yuan worth?
India became part of the British Empire in the 1890's, and subsequently, Queen Victoria became Empress of India.
Circulated 1962 1 rupee coin are sold around USD 5. Uncirculatedcoin could go upto USD 20
The Half pice coin was a coin intended for circulation (it is not atoken). It was of very low value (1/128 of a Rupee). Half Pice is just the value of the coin (at that time, Indian moneywas not divided into decimals like today. One pice was worth aquarter Anna, and an Anna was 1/16 of a Rupee). ...
The Quarter-Farthing coin was minted by the Royal mint in 1839, 1851, 1852 and 1853 for use in Ceylon. They were not minted with a hole in them. Modified coins have no collector value. Without the hole, a circulated coin, depending on year and condition, might get anything from £10 to £150...
your value of the Indian half Anna coin in the yeary 1946 is only 500 rupees
The first coins issued in the name of the Government of Pakistan were dated 1948. The denominations issued that year were: 1 Pice 1/2 Anna 1 Anna 2 Annas 1/4 Rupee 1/2 Rupee 1 Rupee
Answer . Sounds like a Japanese 100 Yen note -- worth about $3 in crisp uncirculated condition. . Answer :. Nope, it is a Central Bank of China (Taiwan) banknote with Sun Yat-Sen on the front. The serial number matches the exact two letter prefix followed by 6 digits, and a two letter suffix. (eg...
about 5 US dollars or 200 Philippino Peso.
A replica of the coin (fake coin) has a value of about US$30, is usually made of non-silver alloy, and has no silver color. As a coin collector, you may still collect a replica coin, because it does have a historical value. A real Sungarei, Chinese Qing dynasty silver coin was minted in 1897...
1 British pound is about 1.50 USD
From the information given, it appears that you have a Y#557.1. Depending upon condition, the price ranges from it's bullion value (roughly $5.35), up to a collector's value of $20 (in perfect condition)
Nobody could afford to make gold 50 cent coins, your coin is nickel-brass. A Hong Kong 1979 Fifty cent coin, uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch up to $1 USD. If it has been circulated but still in good condition, it might fetch anything from $0.20 to $0.50 USD. A reputable...
Hi, what is the value of a 1876 1 rupee victoria empress coin which is in ms condition please
perhaps you refer to the piso? it is Filipino and has Asian figurs on it, to my knowledge japan does not have a ''peso'' currency...the name comes from the Spanish who were the first Europeans to invade the Philippines...the name is simulir to the Mexican coin the ''peso''
Well, he didn't invent Shamwow, but it is true that his product, Zorbeez, is older than Vince Offer's Shamwow, which Mays claimed to have been stolen.
as per Chinese website, the value of this currency depends on which bank printed it out and the volume of circulation. It may only worth about USD 2 something.
Between 50 cents and $6, depending on condition. For a more precisevalue, please include the condition of your coin in your question.
A 1943 India 2 Annas is worth between 30 cents and $2.75. Despite being a lovely and unusual coin, they are still quite commonly found.
From what I've seen there not worth more then face value.
in America $10.11
Green backs, MPC, and the French P, had the most value, in that order. Green backs were black market (illegal). Anything other than mentioned above was worthless then, and it's probably safe to say, just as nearly worthless today.
Vietnam Vietnamese Dong . 1 INR = 385 VND
in pakistan it is worth about Rs.50 in fine unc condition they r worth rs.100