Commonwealth Games

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Information about the multi-sport event, which is held every four years and involves all the commonwealth countries. This sporting event originates from 1930 and is a prestigious event in the field of sports.
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HRH PrinceImran from Malaysia, who was elected as President of theCommonwealth Games Federation (CGF) last November, met with Glasgow2014's Organising Committee to hear how preparations for the Gamesare moving forward and to see the planning process which willensure the successful delivery of the...
The 1998 XVI Commonwealth Games were held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 11 to 21 September 1998.
Sadly you can not apply to be a volunteer for the 2010 CommonwealthGames as it has past.
Sadly you can not apply to be a volunteer for the 2010 CommonwealthGames as it has past.
As of the 2008 Games in Beijing, Australia's highest gold medal count came at the 2004 Summer Games in Athens when they won 17. Second best is the 16 gold medals they won at the 2000 Games in Sydney..
Country . Joined . Continent . Antigua and Barbuda  Antigua and Barbuda. 1981-11-011 November 1981. North America. Australia  Australia. 1931-12-1111 December 1931. Oceania. Bahamas  Bahamas. 1973-07-1010 July 1973. North America. Bangladesh  Bangladesh. 1972-04...
The XIX Commonwealth Games were held in Melbourne, Australia in 2006.
New members must "as a general rule" have a direct constitutional link to an existing member. -"British Commonwealth", Wikipedia
First commonwealth game hosted in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1930
The 2010 Commonwealth Games will be held in India, New Delhi on 4th October to 14th October.
3rd october to 14th october
The 18th Commonwealth Games were held in Melbourne on 15th March, 2006.
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Delhi hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
Delhi hosted the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
60 commenwealth games are held till now
Britain does not have a team. The constituent countries send separate teams.
The Commonwealth Games did not take place in 1942 and 1946 due tothe Second World War.
The 2018 Commonwealth Games will be held in Gold Coast, Queensland,Australia
The 2002 Commonwealth gamed, held in Manchester (England) were partly funded by money from the lottery (£165m) plus sponsorship with the balance coming from taxation of the local population
there are 72 countries participating in the 2010 commonwealth games.
There have been numerous name changes of countries within the Commonwealth, the member states that have ceased to be part of the British Commonwealth are: . Irish Free State (Ireland) - left in 1949 . Malaya - joined Malaysia in 1963 . Newfoundland - joined Canada in 1949 . Tanganyika - merged to...
The Summer, Winter, Paralympic, and Youth Olympic games (otherwise known as the Modern Olympic games) are held every four years. The Winter Olympics are held half way between the Summer Olympics, so Beijing 2008 (summer) was held in 2008, Vancouver 2010 (winter) was held in 2010, and London 2012 ...
Ten countries that competed at the 2006 Commonwealth Games wereAustralia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Wales, India, Pakistan,South Africa, Kenya and Jamaica.
The Commonwealth Games have been held every 4 years since 1930.Recent Games were held in 2010 and 2014 and the next Games will beheld in Gold Coast, Australia in 2018.
India hosted the Commonwealth Games in 2010 when Delhi hosted.
Mounir El Hamdaoui scored the most goals during the 2008-09Eredivisie season. He scored 23 goals with AZ Alkmaar.
11 countries took part in the first Commonwealth Games (then knownas the British Empire Games): Australia, Bermuda, British Guiana,Canada, England, Ireland, Newfoundland, New Zealand, Scotland,South Africa and Wales.
Jogging pass: Split the participants into two groups. Each group will be on half of the court and each group will have their own tchoukball. Have the groups jog around in their space (does not have to be only around the perimeter). The group will then pass the ball to each other as they're...
11 nations participated at the 1930 Commonwealth Games:Australia,Bermuda, British Guiana, Canada, England, Ireland, Newfoundland,New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and Wales.
Wrestling was added to the Commonwealth Games program in 1930.
The High Jump medalists at the 1974 Commonwealth Games were: Gold: Gordon Windeyer (Australia) Silver: Lawrie Peckham (Australia) Bronze: Claude Ferragne (Canada)
The most recent Commonwealth Games were held in Glasgow, Scotlandin 2014.
Common Wealth Games is to have 85 paricipating nations and 8500 athletes overall
The list of the commonwealth games are:. British Empire Games . 1930 games - Hamilton, Ontario, Canada . 1934 games - London, England, United Kingdom . 1938 games - Sydney, New South Wales, Australia . 1950 games - Auckland, New Zealand . British Empire and Commonwealth Games . 1954 games -...
The first British Empire Games held in New Zealand were held in1950 in Auckland.
Yes, Archery is a Commonwealth Games sport but it has been in theprogram in only two Editions: 1982 and 2010.
Like all major sporting events the impact on the host city can be significant: . An immediate impact from a large number of athletes, coaches and spectators visiting the country . A longer terms impact from the visibility of Delhi to a wider audience watching on TV . The investment in the...
Cathy Freeman has won numerous World Championship, Olympic and Commonwealth Games medals. She has won two Olympic Medals (Gold:400m 2000 and Silver:400m 1996), three World Championships medals (Gold:400m 1997 and 1999, and Bronze:4x400m relay 1995) and five Commonwealth Games medals (Gold:4x100m...
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As of 2013 the next Commonwealth Games will be held in Glasgow, Scotland. In 2016 they will be in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
1930 the comonwealth games were invited in 1930 and were called the british empour games.
Each different Commonwealth Games has a different logo or mascot, they are not kept as mascots following the completion of the games
The mascot for the 2010 Commonwealth Games, the 19th edition is Shera , a tiger, who symbolizes India's population and heritage as well and a sportsmanship, which he displays through integrity and respect through sport. Sher in Hindi means tiger.
Shera meri jaan CWG hamari shaan
India first participated in the Commonwealth Games at the 1934London Games.
Felix Sandy (Sierra Leone) was in two events at the 1990 Commonwealth Games: Men's 100m, he didn't start in the heats and Men's 400m, where he finished eighth in the first semi-final with a time of 47.21 .
Canada won a total of 31 medals at the Edmonton Commonwealth games, these were: . Sport / Event Athlete / Team Result . Athletics . Womens 4x100m Relay 44.26 mins. Mens Hammer Throw Scot Neilson 69.92 meters. Mens High Jump Gregory "Greg" Andrew Joy 2.18 meters. Womens High Jump Deborah "Debbie"...
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The 2010 Commonwealth Games mascot is a friendly tiger named Shera.
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Melbourne won the right to host the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
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Yes, there are and they have in 2010, when Delhi hosted theCommonwealth Games.
Yes, Pakistan entered the 2010 Commonwealth Games. They won fivemedals (two gold, one silver and two bronze).
The Commonwealth Games are played every 4 years. The same 4 years as the Winter Olympic Games.
Shera is the name of the mascot of the 2010 Delhi CommonwealthGames.
The next Commonwealth Games will be held in Gold Coast in 2018.
The common wealth games are on for 7 days. Thank you for asking
England last hosted the Games in Manchester in 2002.
7 stadiums are organising Commonwealth Games 2010 in India
Samoa has won twelve medals at the Commnwealth Games; 3 silvers ( Paul Wallwork -1974 Men's 82.5kg Combined (Weightlifting), Bob Gasio -1996 Men's Light Middleweight (Boxing) and Ofisa Ofisa -2002 Men's 85kg Clean and Jerk (Weightlifting) and 9 bronze ( Vai Samu - 1974 Men's...
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15 nations participated at the third Commonwealth Games in 1938.
India was chosen to host the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
it spreads the spirit of oneness and brotherhood as different people from different countries once ruled by british government come together and play these games.
The 2006 Commonwealth Games were held in Melbourne, Victoria,Australia.
The first four host cities for the British Empire/Commonwealth Games were: Hamilton, Canada (1930), London, Great Britain (1934), Sydney, Australia (1938) and Auckland, New Zealand (1950).
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Glasgow Scotland 23 July - 3 August
58 events were held in the first Commonwealth Games.
The 2010 Commonwealth Games are the nineteenth Commonwealth Games, and the ninth to be held under that name. The Games are scheduled to be held in Delhi, India between 3 October and 14 October 2010. The games will be the largest multi-sport event conducted to date in Delhi and India generally,...
commonwealth games are called this year Olympics game
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