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Death and Dying

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This category is for questions relating to the process of death and dying, and general questions about death.
It got shot by a bleeding moist demon
Frankie Lymon died in New York.
The normal range of ALB/Glob is:1.2-1.6 Mine was 2.0 but my Doc said everything looked good. But the 2.0 WAS hightlighted and did say it was high.
A lot in 2005 there more than 18000 deaths
No Myrlie Evers-Williams did not die. She recently gave the prayer at the Presidential Inauguration.
texting, not paying attention, or from any distraction from notlooking at the road.
Here's a great website that will answer your questions is much  detail:   everplans.com/articles/how-to-write-a-death-notice-or-obituary
Taking a bath and dying in the bath tube idk lol your fresh as in clean ;)
Teddy Roosevelt died of cardiovascular disease
University or forensic school.
Every year, millions of people become ill and find themselves  headed for a hospital. Many of us live in towns where there are no  "Urgent Care" facilities and the lack of affordable health  insurance for some precludes them from walking into a doctor's  office. Depending on the city you live in...
Yes, unfortunately she did die, she was shot by Jeff, the husband of Lynn whom she had just shot herself. Amanda was the best character aswell....!
Yes at Whenfield Funeral Home in Baton Rouge, LA 70807
The Italian Riviera (or Liguria) borders with Côte d'Azur (FrenchRiviera) and Tuscany - both of these regions positively affectedligurian landscape and culture. The ligurian coast is divided intotwo parts: eastern Riviera di Levante - full of cliffs over thesea, beautiful landscapes like Cinque...
With the help of organ donation, many people who are all at the  death doors are able to continue their lives and also still some  religion is opposing the organ donation and that is the main one  and only disadvantage available in the organ donation process.
Not sure about a 'Museum of Anatomy and Physiology' as such, but  here is a link to all the 'medical' releated Museums in London, you  might find that the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of  Surgeons and the Wellcome Collection are the best for your needs:   It seems that you can visit...
Well fire can cause death because it can burn you, and also it take  away oxygen and you can't breath in the fire that's why. Hope this  answer was useful to YOU!
Generally cot death is happening due to co-sleepers. If co-sleeper  has the following bad habits means then, the risks of cot death for  the children is very high such as:   1. smokers   2. recently drunk alcohol   3. taken medication or drugs that make you sleep heavily   These are...
the cause of death of Muhammad Ali Jinnah was T.B(tubercle bacillus)
The cost of a funeral really depends on what it is that you're  looking to include. Similar to a car as there can be many different  options. Also geographic location plays a role. In general,  currently an average North American funeral will run between $7,000  to $10,000. This cost will...
Laws can vary state to state. Speak with an attorney regarding this  matter.
5.4 million death's are caused a year by smoking.;-)
He is still alive
Jeff chance died on dec 12, 2008
That would be murder so you need to be more specific.
If you're asking about Otis Phillips Lord (1812 - 1884), who served as Superior Court Judge and Supreme Court Judge of Massachusetts from 1859 - 1882, and was also--bless him--the lover of Emily Dickinson: he died on March 13, 1884 in Salem. If you're asking about some other Otis Lord, I know...
Of course not. You state they have dwelling only coverage, that  means they only pay for loss of the dwelling. No life insurance can  be attached to a dwelling insurance policy. Sorry. 
she died in 1980
I've never done it personally but yes it would. Hopefully this article would help: http://www.scribd.com/doc/392991/Death-Special-How-Does-It-Feel-to-DieIt has info on bleeding to death and several other ways of dying and discusses the stages and levels of pain involved I'm not morbid btw just...
A person can refuse to have a feeding tube; the Supreme Court has  ruled that a person has the right to refuse medical treatment .
No one probably knows what you look like, but I bet you have the  most beautiful hair and the perfect age
He's still alive.
In the bathHe died of old age. He was 68. Doubt he knew a great deal about baths...
Hindus are not allowed to kill and euthanasia would be killing. According to the Hindu belief suffering is part of the experience an as such suffering is just not a good reason for ending a life.
Yes, Swine flu (A-H1N1/09) can kill people. For more information go to the related links below.
Funeral services conducted by Jehovah's Witnesses do not include rituals intended to appease the dead. A Bible talk is given either at the Kingdom Hall, at the funeral parlor, at the home of the deceased, or at the graveside. The talk will highlight the deceased person's life, accomplishments in...
Aminah bint Wahb,was the mother of the holy prophet . when they  came back from Yathrib . Aminah became ill and eventually died 577  AD and was buried in the village of Abwa.
I'm guessing you are talking about the intern on the show Grey's anatomy -SPOILER ALERT- -SPOILER ALERT- -SPOILER ALERT- -SPOILER ALERT- -SPOILER ALERT- -SPOILER ALERT- Yes, unfortunately he dies in season 5.
  # Using your weak hand, grab the opponent's shoulder/neck parallel to yours.  # With your opposite hand, grab their leg opposite to the shoulder you grabbed.  # Lift them by spinning their leg counter-clockwise(for right-handed people) or clockwise(for left) and spin their upper body at the...
u die by sex and stuff
The body may move or spasm but being brain dead means there is no one in there to make it move.
clay Hollister played by Pat Conway
No doubt to my Heart's Mind that Elizabeth Clare Prophet was dressed in perfect ways for her continued journey in space and time.
  In 1789 during the battle  
they were assassinated while driving, but Dede and her husband were not there when it happened. so they are still alive.
Tombstones, dead people, funerals, ghosts, rain (according to  disney movies), flowers, dirt, and sometimes someone burying  someone in order to have the funeral (lowering the casket).
Answer is in the question perhaps? Are they looking at the 'How-To' or 'Reasons for' aspects of it, either that or take them out on a random day and just chat them up, get a feel, it all boils down to how well you know this person and if it's not that well.....find someone who does.
When u die, u don't feel anything. It is an endless pit of darkness that is feared by most people including me.
The wall is called the longest cemetery in the world becauseapproximately 1 million people died building it.
In egypt they would embalm their dead in a show of honor andrespect. By making the body stay intact forever, the spirit wouldlive on in the afterlife forever.
Many places. If you look up headstones in California many companywebsites for headstones in California come up.
He was killed by being stabbed by Romeo. He deserved it because he killed mercutio for no reason and he was definitely asking for it.
according to Shia graveyard of holy people like prophet and Imams is a holy place and God has especial attention to there and God accepts worships and asks of prophet in such places.
No. Diamond is pure carbon formed under very high pressure. Diamonds can be grown in a lab, but again under very specific conditions. Another AnswerYes. Follow the link, below, to learn more about this process. When you're ready, you can shop for a vendor who will create a diamond stone from human...
I have it on good authority (I would rather keep my source confidential) that every man woman and child that does not eventually leave Indiana will die there. Further to my co-respondent above I would like to point out that Indiana has an enlightened policy of freely allowing people to leave. This...
Yes. Because there is no suffering after death.
he died in 1759
What religions don't believe in life after death? In the end isn't that the reason people follow a religon in the first place? So they no longer need to be scared of issues in reality nor death it's self.
Mary Darwin died on October 16th.
check your local and national newspapers, legacy.com, tributes.com  and obituary.com to name a few.
august 12,1961   Manuel Noriega did NOT die in 1961. He didn't surrender to the United States until 1990. He was sentenced to 40 years in prison, and after his release in the US, he will be (or has been) extradited to France to stand trial there.
Many died simply from overexposure to radioactive materials. Others suffered (and in some cases, may continue to suffer) forms of cancer and other defects passed on through generations via pregnancy contamination,
her ex husband shot her
I had a vision of my past life. I was a young blonde girl on a bridge on a rainy day in a brown van. My life was too short. People say i was dreaming, but theres something telling me i wasnt. It's to complex to figure out. You die, your a new person in a new body works like that. Family pet dies,...
This insures death. Shooting elsewhere could result in major but not fatal injury.
It is 484 miles according to Google Maps.
slim tells george that he had to do it, it was the only way.
No, I am a pro-life vegetarian, therefore against unfair death in all ways.
No one ever treated bubonic plague like a joke.