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Questions and answers related to the formation of regular and irregular plural nouns in the English language.
A ratio is a comparison between two quantities. Ratio is the quantitative relation between two different amountsshowing the number of times one value is contained within theother. To solve, you have to make each side of the ration equal,like an even scale. Adding further it is the value of relation...
The plural form of the word "baby" is "babies."
The singular noun is quiz, and quizzes doubles the Z before adding -es. This is one of the many ways to form a plural in English, so it might or might not be called "irregular" (as are child-children, goose-geese).
The plural form of Filipino is Filipinos.
bibulous . callous . credulous . frivolous . fabulous . incredulous . jealous . libelous . libellous . meticulous . miraculous . nebulous . rebellious . ridiculous . scandalous
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You have it correct —> elongate
biologically yes, grammatically no. Bacterium is the singular form of bacteria .
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There's no general rule for forming the plural forms of words ending in -o. Many plural forms are formed by adding -es, e.g. tomato - tomatoes, potato - potatoes, hero - heroes. Other plurals are formed simply by adding -s, e.g. zero - zeros, memo - memos, hippo - hippos.
1.. a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.. 2.. a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter: friends of the Boston Symphony. . 3.. a person who is on good terms with another; a person who is not hostile: Who goes there? Friend or foe? .
The singular noun is potato. To form the plural, add 'es' to the end of the singular noun. The plural noun is potatoes . Examples: Mom put four potatoes in the oven to bake. (plural) She knows that a baked potato is my favorite. (singular)
The plural form of runaway is runaways.
The plural form of work chair is work chairs.
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potato - potatoes tomato - tomatoes hero - heroes zero - zeros halo - halos whacko - whackos cameo - cameos patio - patios oreo - oreos
The plural form of opportunity is opportunities.
Answer . I have no idea. However, it is in the Wikipedia free on-line encyclopedia which states, A porcelator is a little hole in the sink that drains out the water before they overflow.. Good question!! I learned something new today!!. Answer . Perhaps it's a coined word of limited use used by...
It's about as plural as can be, except there is only one building and only one window ledge.
I think you need to talk to your friend because I think you can figure out what it is if you think really hard.\n\n\n[hint]illegal human form of catnip.\n\nOh and I suggest you Dont go to the doctors [if you dont want to get arrested]\n\nHappy trails.\nR.I.P. Bob Marley\n
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Uncles is more than one uncle. Uncle's indicates something belonging to one uncle.
No it is merely somewhat shaped like one.
Depending which noun you want to pluralize, the answer would be: The books are on the table. or The books are on the tables.
hand, handing, writing, writ, hang, din, dining, hint, hinting, wring, wiring, dawn, dawning, dating, gain, gait, drat, dart, darting, war, waring, wart, wain, wing, drain, draining, grid, tiring, ring, draw, drawing, train, training, wit, wait, waiting, gin, grin, grind, grand, wand, want, wanting,...
Depending on the context it could singular or plural, e.g. The World Series has been the annual championship series of the highest level of professional baseball in the United States and Canada since 1903 - singular. 27 World Series have been won by the New York Yankees - plural
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Mackerel or mackerels
A collective of sheep can be referred to as a herd, a flock, a drove, or a mob
Grass is a collective term. It is normally only pluralized to glasses when referring to different types of grass. If you want to refer to a single piece of grass then you would normally say a blade of grass .
i think we kids should have a longer recess because we need a brain break form 4 hours and 40 minutes of learning. i think we should have 30 minutes of recess.
The plural is hooves.
Not at all. They're my favorite insect. They'll gently land on your hand, and I've never ever known one to bite.
Bye-laws is the plural form, The singular form is bye-law. A Bye-law is a local law, therefore the relative (important) part of the word is law. It is therefore this part that is pluralized
The plural form of ficus is ficuses.
Only nouns can be singular, pertaining to one person or thing, or plural, pertaining to more than one. "Group words" (e.g. herd, crowd) are treated as singular but can also be pluralized (e.g. herds, crowds) if there are more than one group.
Read is most often a verb but is sometimes used as a noun. Examples: Verb: We have to read four chapters for homework. I have read those chapters already. Noun: If you like a good read , try some books by James Michener.
Music in which a solo instrument is featured in contrast with the entire orchestra. The skill of the soloist is accented by the power and stability of the orchestra.
simply add an -s, as in: facia - facias fuscia - fuscias aria - arias
1 stove 2 stoves
When referring to young people (as in the question), youth should be used in its plural form, therfore the statement should read: Working with at-risk youths
allies babies batteries cities countries dictionaries enemies stories universities
Here are some examples of singular noun words: . house . car . tooth . foot . school . work . job . flower . rose . grass . window
I'm not sure what the opossited of plural is but I know the opposite of plural is singular.
The singular form of the plural noun thieves is thief .
common noun- Soda proper noun- Coca Cola
Nouns that describe (name) an idea or concept are known as abstract or special nouns. An abstract noun (special noun) is a noun that refers to a quality, idea or emotion. These nouns are considered special because you cannot touch, taste, see, hear or smell them like other nouns, e.g. ice cream...
The plural possessive form of neighbors is neighbors'. \n The neighbors' cars are in the driveway. (more than one neighbor each owns a car\nthat is currently in the driveway)
The plural form of the noun writer is writers. The plural possessive form is writers' . example: I've been asked to speak at a writers' conference.
Thanksgiving is both a proper noun as well as a common noun.
A very wide, looping punch intended to throw as much bodyweight as possible behind a punch. Can cause a KO if it connects, but this depends on your own power, the ability of the man in front of you to take a punch, your accuracy (no use if you punch the cranium), and the structural integirty of the...
the plural of opposite is opposites.
The word 'hi' is an interjection, it has no plural form. The word 'hello' is also an interjection and it is a noun, the plural noun form is 'hellos'.
There are a list of certain rules that change words to their plural form.
Senseful, senseless and sensual are adjective of the noun sense.
A business letter usually has a full return address (or is printed on letterhead stationery), and has an inside address identifying the person and/or company, street address, city and state it is going to. An inter-office memo does not need all that because the sender and recipient are often in...
Yes, Some gyms are for women only is correct.
Prize can be a noun or a verb "Trophy"?, they are given as a prize.
You just add s to back, to make backs.
In grammar, a modifier (or qualifier ) is an optional element in phrase structure or clause structure; the removal of the modifier typically doesn't affect the grammatical nature of the construction. Modifiers can be a word, a phrase or an entire clause. Semantically, modifiers describe and...
The word election is derived from the Latin ēligere, ēlectum, from ē meaning from and legere to choose.
Cowboy s is the plural form of cowboy
Imagine is a verb, the corresponding noun is imagination. The plural of imagination is imaginations
Yes, the word tree's with an aposthrophe s is the possessive singular. Example sentences: University botonists studied the tree's bark for disease. (singular possessive) University botonists studied the trees' bark for disease. (plural possessive) If a noun is plural and ends in an s, then (in...
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The plural of colleague is colleagues. This follows the basic rulefor forming most plurals: just add an "s".
Yes, it is naming a specific place. (:
A single sheep is just called a sheep, a group of sheep is called a herd or a flock.
It's a verb. ======== Have is generally used as a verb but on the rare occasion it has been used as a noun, as in the expression the haves and have-nots
The plural form of the word danger is dangers.
Shanks' pony means one's legs, used as a means of transport. Shanks' (or shanks's) mare (or nag or pony) derives from the name of the lower part of the leg between the knee and ankle - the shank, nowadays more often known as the shin-bone or tibia. This was alluded to in the early form of this...
Zeus, after defeating the Titans.
Claw - claw's Hunters - hunters' Aligator - aligator's Fly - fly's Men - men's
Countries help each other by trading and helping in times ofdisaster.
The form churches is the plural of the noun "church." example: There are three churches on this street. The form church's is the singularpossessive noun. example: There was a special request for donations to repair thechurch's roof.
No, someone is an indefinite pronoun. Personal pronouns take the place of specific nouns (the names of people, places or things) and are used instead of a specific name to avoid repetition and to help ease the flow of sentences. Personal pronouns are usually placed into a sentence when the name...
Subsidiaries is the plural form of subsidiary.
Either equini or equinoxes one of those.
It depends how many Jacksons there are. If you are talking the actions of one person called Jackson then the correct form is Jackson's actions , if you are referring to the actions of more than one person called Jackson, then the correct form would be (the) Jacksons' actions.
Words that form their plural forms by adding -es are those that end in -ch e.g.: witch - witches, church - churches, hunch - hunches, etc. -sh e.g.: wish - wishes, mesh - meshes, flash - flashes, etc. -ss e.g: glass - glasses, class - classes, pass - passes, etc. -z e.g.:...
The word mean can be used as a verb, adjective and a noun, e.g It means a lot to me - verb He's a mean person - adjective 10 is the mean of 5 and 15 - noun
The lamb course would be a good start.
The possessive form of canaries is canaries'.
more stubborn than a ram
She runs . She ran . She runs more . She runs even more . She runs more than that