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Forty-seven is "Quarante-sept" in French
it's spelled "vert(e)" and you pronounce it like "v" and "ear" put together. the "t" is silent.
"Sahn- tay" but make the "ay" short like the Spanish do
Un homme grenouille est un Plongeur équipé d'un scaphandre.
J'aimerai faire quelque chose de nouveau. Expérimenter des nouveaux affaires.
la cur duh la mare ... do re mi fa so LA ... ocCUR ... DUmb (same sound as the u in luck) ... do re mi fa so LA ... mare like a horse or rhymes with hair
I have a pain-free bump on the side of the head
Peut-être means perhaps or could-be.
'Bastien' is a French first name. It has no meaning as a word.
Sweet dreams is : Fait des beaux rêves
je permets tu permets il permet nous permettons vous permettez ils permettent
Peyton is a name, not a word, so it's still Peyton.
il est trois heures trente
I'm walking in Paris: je marche dans Paris I like walking in Paris: j'aime marcher dans Paris (infinitive)
Des baies de l'arbre 'açai' [ Euterpe oleracea ] de la forêt tropicale du Brésil , c'est ce que c'est 'Absolute açai berry'.
manque, est manquant(e)
I believe "nous se mond la" is French Caribbean creole for "we are the world"
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It's about 7,800,000
abréger (en) = to abbreviate (to) une abréviation - abbreviation
abrasif (masc.), abrasive (fem.)
No. Prefix de-, root -press-, suffix -ion.
It means that a moderator, a person who makes sure the answer is real, needs to approve the answer before it is posted to the question. Its a big internet, get out there and you'll see that is a common auto-response to posting on a forum, wiki, or blog.
Le Lagon bleu (titre original the blue lagoon), avec Brooke Shields.
I don't know what you hear / understand
Hatred is not enough to forget him it is takes courage like you to be careful.?
the shipping price to France for that object with the others?
there are a number of ways: . il fait gris . le ciel est couvert . le temps est couvert
'Voir' and 'savoir' both come from Latin but are not related. 'Voir' comes from the Latin verb ' videre ', via old french 'vedeir', then 'veoir', then 'voir'. Savoir comes from the popular Latin ' sapere , via the old French: 'sabir' (Strasbourg's Oath, 842), then 'saveir', then 'savoir'.
Mes deux meilleurs amis (or "meilleures amies", if they're both girls) s'appellent XXX et XXX.
quel est ton nom ? or simpler: comment t'appelles-tu ?
What is the Underground in London called? (answer - the Underground/the Tube)
How many times can you pass your driving test?
what is the height of the horses?
French seeped into the English language during the Norman Invasion/Norman Conquest of England in 1066. According to Wikipedia, "One of the most obvious changes [from the Norman Conquest] was the introduction of Anglo-Norman, a northern dialect of Old French, as the language of the ruling classes in...
The easiest one is simply "Zut!"
No, negritude is not a mental illness. It was a Franco-phone literary movement in French Colonial Africa and the French speaking West Indies that began in the 1930's, and rejected racist French cultural attitudes and celebrated negritude which, to be polite, we will translate as "Blackness." The...
extensive, intensive, hors-sol
Chauve is a French equivalent of 'cavell'. The French word may be used to describe a 'bald' female or male. It's pronounced 'shohv'. The word 'cavell' is of Anglo/Norman French use. It's a diminutive of the Norman French word 'cauf' for 'bald'.
"Bravo" is actually more common in French than in English.
T'ai les yeux beau. Literal translation is ' you have the eyes blue', but the adjective and noun are supposed to be in that order and 'the' is just how the say it. BUT if you said this to a french person it'd be weird because it's supposed to be pronounced with an accent.
French has two words for "know". If you want to know a person, it's je veux connaître . If you want to know a thing (a fact, or how to do something), it's je veux savoir .
Often it's obvious, since it's a living thing and obviously male or female. For objects, you just have to learn the grammatical gender.
Does Emil Raal like to laugh?
'In the pool' in French is 'dans la piscine'.
There is nothing special about the numbers 500-1000. You just read them left to right like in English. For example: 567 -- cinq cent soixante-sept 891 -- huit cent quatre-vingt-onze 1000 -- mille (rhymes with ville or fil )
It is the same concept as in English. Such as He or She or even names... Example: if you hear the name Robert you immidiatly understand the aforesaid Robert is a boy.
We probably mean SCARAMOUCHE. Have a look here:
You mean what are they...... for one guy you say Il for one girl you say Elle for a group for girls you say Elles for a group of girls with only one or more guys in it you would say Ils for just a group of guys you would say Ils For a group of guys with one girl you would still say...
"Partir" means more to leave a building or a room. "Quitter" is meant more permanently, like leaving an organization, a city, or a country.
"Quitter" means to leave someone, exemple. : Je vais te quitter. It means I will leave you. "Quitter" means also to leave a meeting. It is always leaving someone or something. "Partir" means to leave in general, to leave to go to the store. To to leave for school = je vais partir pour l'école...
It is a french word and it is Masculine
j'aime aider les gens qui sont malades
rats is spelled 'des rats' in French.
a red pepper is 'un poivron rouge' in French.
What's the capital of Japan? (réponse - Tokyo)
The word 'recycler' is pronounced as "ruh-see-klee" or "reh-see-klee."
the landing (up the stairs) is called 'le palier' in French.
hay is called 'le foin' in French.
Pas si simple is a French equivalent in France to the title of the movie 'It's Complicated'. The adverb 'pas' means 'not'. The adverb 'si' means 'so'. The adjective 'simple' means 'simple'. All together, they're pronounced 'pah see sehm-pluh'.
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The Davis Cup is ...
Traduction: What is the surname of South Africa in English? Il y a beaucoup de surnoms qui viennent de l'Afrique du Sud. Ce fait vient de les deux colonizations de l'Afrique de Sud: des Hollandais et des Anglais et de les nombreux tribus africains qui habitent dans la territoire de l'Afrique du...
Hey, you can say je t'ai trouvé in a familiar way or je vous ai trouvé in a more formal way or for the plural. Hope I helped !
Cher John is a French equivalent to the title of the movie 'Dear John'.
au contraire: on the contrary le: the (masculine) c'est beaucoup de: that's many ... / that's much ... / that's a lot of c'est beaucoup de souci: that's much worrying c'est beaucoup de soucis: that's a lot of worries c'est beaucoup de travail: that's a lot of work
Born Aurora Dupin, George Sand changed her name to that of a man so that she could write and earn a living during 19th century France, by doing so she made herself as famous for her lifestyle and character as for her writings. Sand is explained as an extraordinarily complex woman who refuses to stay...
l'Everest - The Everest
vivre pour le moment *FOUND ON GOOGLE: LANGUAGE TOOLS*
les herbes, les fines herbes (the latter for cooking only)
Zhuh vuh-zehn tah-koh is a French pronunciation of 'Je veux un taco'. The subject pronoun 'je' means 'I'. The verb 'veux' means '[I] am wanting or wishing, do want or wish, want or wish'. The masculine indefinite article 'un' means 'a, one'.
The most obvious answer is so that you won't be regarded as an idiot when you visit south Louisiana.