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French is a major language of international organizations such as the United Nations; and of countries in North America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has longstanding literary traditions and extensive musical applications. Typical contributions include questions about the language's geographic range; local dialects; and widespread use in business, dance and music, diplomacy, everyday life, modern writings, and scientific research.
Quel type de garçons te fait craquer? in French is "Whatkind of boys attract you?" or "What type of boys do you fall for?"in English.
Premier étage in French is "first floor" in English.
In french, if the last letter of the word is a consonant it is onlypronounced if it is in the word Careful. From that we know the -non the end of the word will be silent. In french the letter 'e' isgenerally pronounced as a soft 'uh' sound. So the word would bepronounced vuh-n-o with the 'uh' and...
Ics encourage jurisdictions to use common terminology. Common terminology :
Je travaille! in French is "I'm working!" in English.
La means "the" so la rosa is "the rose" when translated from Catalan, Italian or Spanish to English.
Le chien noir in French is "the black dog" in English.
Quel est la plat du jour? in French is "What is the dish of the day?" in English.
Mon fils veut un ballon vert! in French is "My son wants a green ballon!" in English.
Le ski de fond in French is "cross-country skiing" inEnglish.
Le patinage de vitesse in French is "speed skating" inEnglish.
Ma belle fille in French is pronounced "mah bell fee" in English.
Quel jour est pour notre amour? in French is "What day isfor our love?" in English.
On the French emblem, there are no words at all, except for RF, standing for République française . On the French logo, however, there are words and they say " Liberté, égalité, fraternité " meaning "liberty, equality, fraternity."
Parlez-vous français? in French is "Do you speak French?" inEnglish.
Pourraient in French is could in English.
Bon jour in French is "good day" in English.
Faire in French is "to do" in English.
Vous allez! in French is "You go!" in English.
yes, 'une maison' (fem.) means a house
"I don't want to be the friend"
You respond to mon chéri ("my dear"), a term of endearmenttypically used for lovers or by parents to children, with the samephrase or with another term of endearment, such as ma puce ("my sweetie" loosely and "my bullet point [on a typed list]," "my[computer] chip" or "my flea" literally) or ...
Soirs means 'night' or 'evening' in French.
Minuit in French is "midnight" in English.
Quelle est la technique de la peinture sur soiethailandaise? in French is "What is the technique of paintingon silk in Thailand?" in English.
I'm not exactly sure, but surely it will mean correspond? which means : . 1. . conform or be consistent: to conform, be consistent, or be in agreement with something else. 2. . be similar: to be similar or equivalent. 3. . write to one another: to communicate with somebody by exchanging...
I would go with the fact that Quebec was a French colony for quite a long time--as was Louisiana--and the French language and culture transferred to the Quebecois. The rest of Canada was mostly colonized by the British, hence the fact that they mostly speak English.
'le serpent' is the French word for 'the snake'.
tomber is the French verb for 'to fall (down)' and 'la neige' means 'the snow' 'tombe la neige' is an expression meaning that you don't mind about something - that is, you won't worry as you can't prevent the snow from falling. It is often used in the sense of "I couldn't care less".
Quel type de matière transmet l'énergie thermique le plusefficacement? in French is "Which kind of matter transfersthermal energy in the most efficient way?" in English.
I love you more than words can express.
The relationships between English and French now are the reverse ofhistorical trends. English borrowed many words from French betweenthe 11th and the 14th centuries, when French-speaking kings ruledEngland. Since the end of the 15th century, the tendency has beenreversing from French as the second...
Tu es d'accord? in French is "Do you agree?" in English.
just wanted to say 'I love you' and 'you're my everything'
On joue au foot in French is "One plays football" inEnglish.
Je voudrais faire une commande de mémoire RAMDAM 365-3456-285
Vous êtes dans quel pays ? -- What country are you in?
a racetrack is called 'un circuit' (masc.) in French In auto racing, the term "Circuit" is used to describe a racetrack (e.g. le circuit Bugatti at the "le Mans" site). When referring to the actual black top, the word "piste" can also be used.
Ce monument in French is "this monument" in English.
It means, "city of love". The word ville could mean town or city, but in this case "city" is more fitting.
"I have a pig in the.." "I have a pig at the.." Depends of the context.
"I want to fall in love with you once again" or "I want to fall in love with you one more time"
Merci! Vous aussi! Une de mes amies. À bientot! in French is"Thank you! You also (or, You as well)! One of my friends. See yousoon!" in English.
je t'aime mais tu me manques davantage
"Les deux sont très beaux" translates to "Those two are very beautiful"
you need to improve your grammar il est beau pourquoi tu ne parles pas je n'ai tous les temps pour toi it/he is good looking...why don't you speak i have all the time for you???
Il est beau! Pourquoi tu ne parles (pas)? JJe n'ai (pas) tousles temps pour toi? in French is "He is handsome! Why don't youtalk? I don't have all the time (in the world) for you!" inEnglish.
It's very necessary (important) for you to understand these (this).
1) divide the menu into different sections i.e. starters maincourse and dessert 2) divide each section i.e. hot or cold selection or even avegetarian section. 3) beverages either alcoholic / none alcoholic / hot or cold All the sections and sub sections are to be priced in ascendingorder, the...
Je t'aime, belle! Bonne nuit, mon bébé! in French is "Loveyou, beautiful! Goodnight, baby!" in English.
une equipe, first of all, means a team. since there is a vowel right after the word une, there is a liason between the two words, meaning you kind of like slur them together a bit. if i had to spell out how to pronounce it, it would be: ou ney keep hope this helps! ~jaimelefrancais
Le christianisme est la religion la plus populaire dans le monde. 33% des personnes dans le monde sont chrétiens.
to admire is 'admirer' in French.
Comptant is what theletters cpt stand for in French banking. Specifically, the word functions asa masculine adjective or noun. Either way, it translates as "cash."The pronunciation will be "ko-taw" in French.
Le vrai nom du chanteur français Julien Clerc c'est Paul-AlainLeclerc.
Marc in French means "Mark" in English.
Well, I have always wanted to know what Magnifique means because all you hear on MKR Manu saying It tastes MAgnifique. Lol HOWERVER IT MEANS THAT IT TASTE INCREDIBLE AND YOU WANT MORE OR TERRIFIC YOU PULLED IT OFF C= XD
Je pense que tu es très mignon! in French is "I think thatyou are very cute" in English.
I thought that you are a girl that I know
Parlez-moi de vous! in French is "Speak to me about you!" inEnglish.
Les yeux de ton père in French is "the eyes of your father"in English.
"And you too, pretty girl (or daughter) of my heart" is a literal English equivalent of the French phrase Et vous aussi jolie fille de mon coeur . The pronunciation will be "ey voo-zo-see zho-lee fee duh mo kuhr" in French.
Yes, and they also speak Malagasy (their second official language) and English.
Je suis le musicien! in French is "I am the musician!" inEnglish.
YES oui gracieas bonjour neva got to fly on a concord gunna be a bigger star than my mum fort coz everyday i got a girl on the front door
The French word dit ("said," "told") between two namesindicates that it is a nickname or an unofficial name.
When something was lasting in the past or not finish Je mangeais quand tu es entré : I was eating when you entered By the way imperfect is the opposite of 'perfect', which itself means finished, so imperfect means 'not finished' It's a bit like continuous tenses in English
As-tu des frères et sœurs ? in French is "Do you havebrothers and sisters?" in English.
Familles in French is "families" in English.
the french came to the mid west because they were expanding therehome land
Take me - I'm yours - 'mea culpa' is Latin for 'my fault'
Beau (masc.) means 'beautiful' in English.
"Il y a trois ans": it has been three years (since something).
I am madly in love with my best friend.
What is the golden rule of the roman catholic church ?
French is the official language of these countries: Democratic Republic of the Congo France Canada Madagascar Cameroon Côte d'Ivoire Burkina Faso Niger Senegal Mali Rwanda Belgium Guinea Chad Haiti Burundi Benin Switzerland Togo Central African Republic Republic of the Congo...
j'aime la natation - I like swimming
Korea, I guess... It's what everybody uses... even Korians
i don't like this car i hate it.
monthly is 'mensuellement' in French.