Lyndon B. Johnson

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Lyndon Baines Johnson, sometimes referred to as LBJ, was the 36th President of the United States. He was the first President to be from Texas.
Lyndon B. Johnson served as the 36th President of the UnitedStates. Johnson was a member of the Democratic Party, and was inoffice from 1963 to 1969.
As with today, many the younger generation that it was a good idea, the old guard (the older generation) thought it was a bad idea.
His mother's maiden name is Bucchanan.
Answer . He attempted to micro manage the war to such a point that he became obsesed with almost every wartime deceision from troop movement to target selection and ship movement.
November 22, 1963. was the date that Lyndon B.Johnson became president due to the death by assassination ofPresident John Kennedy. The time was about 1 pm. He began a secondterm on Jan. 20, 1964 and left office on Jan. 20,1969.
Him and Her, the most well-known of the President Johnson's dogs,were registered beagles born on June 27, 1963. Her died in 1964,but Him sired a litter of pups in 1965. One puppy, Freckles, stayedon at the White House and was adopted by a staff member when LBJleft office in 1969.
A Senator from Massachusetts and a congressman.
LBJ was buried in his family cemetery, which today is part of the Lyndon B. Johnson National Park in Stonewall, Texas.
Jonhson died from a third heart attack on January 22, 1973 at his ranch on 4:33 p.m
The War on Poverty and the Civil Rights Act of 1964
His birthday is a state holiday in his home state of Texas. As of 2012, he was the last incumbent President eligible to run for reelection who didn't. He was the last Vice President to vacate the Vice Presidency before ratification of the 25th Amendment to the U. S. Constitution, so he was the...
LBj was taught by his mom and when he went to high school he wentto Johnson City High School in Texas. He then graduated at the age15. And in 1930 he graduated from Texas State Teachers College. Hetook some law classes later but did not get a law degree.
The inspiration for great society programs came from the fact that US politics were towards the left and providing civil rights.
The civil right acts of 1964, the war on poverty, and the voting rights act
LBJ and "Landslide Lyndon" (he received this derogatory nickname because he won the Texas Senate Democratic Primary Race by a mere 48 votes over Coke Stevenson)
He died January 22, 1973 at age 64 from a heart attack.
What inspired Johnson's war on poverty was that he knew what it was like to live in poverty from his childhood, and he understood suffering and he believed in social action. He felt that a wealthy, powerful government could and should try to improve the lives of its citizens.
Lyndon B. Johnson was in office from November 22, 1963 untilJanuary 20, 1969.
he had nine brothers and sisters and he skipped second grade and fell in love with Claudia Taylor at the prom
Johnson asked for a widening of the war and air strikes againstNorth Vietnam after the Gulf of Tonkin incident.
yes he did he said hell try not to but that Lyndon just couldn't help it
he said his first speech when he first was nominated to be president
Finding an end to the war in Vietnam was LBJ's biggest challenge.In fact, it was too much for him, I think. The war cut hispopularity immensely and caused him not to run in 1968 despite alandslide victory in 1964.
The Vietnam War took attention way from the aims of his GreatSociety.
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Personally, I don't think that he was a good president. Now, I base this opinion on more than his presidency; I also base it on his political life as a whole. Although he may have made good decisions politically at times, I don't like him at all. He was all about power and politics and not the...
He does not have one
Every US president has to do some "one" thing to establish his legacy, a few examples: 1. Washington was the FIRST US president; that's his legacy (no one can ever claim that one). 2. Jackson was the ONLY US president to ever pay off the US national debt. 3. Lincoln preserved the union; but people...
Lyndon B. Johnson had several significant accomplishments duringhis presidency, including signing the Civil Rights Act, andappointing the first African-American justice on the Supreme Court.He was the 36th U.S. President.
South Vietnam had been bombarded by aircraft for years. North Vietnam was bombed by US jets during the first week of August 1964 in retaliation for their navy's torpedo boat attacks on the destroyers USS Maddox and USS Turner Joy on 2 & 4 August '64; known historicially as the "Tonkin Gulf Incident....
\nhis favorite soda was fresca, he had a fountain of it installed in the oval office
Lyndon B. Johnson represented Texas.
President Kennedy started our involvement in Vietnam. Prior to this administration there was no recognized US presence in the area. This was in the form of advisers. Johnson later increased our presence and created the mess by trying to micro manage a war from the White House.
Johnson became president after JFK was assassinated; he was 55 years old.
no because kenndy and mcnara intended to pull our observers out by 1965 Johnson felt that it would be a defeat and increaded our troops.
Texas democrat. He was JFK 's VP.
President Johnson had not delivered the victory he had repeatedly promised.
One of the major accomplishments of the Great Society was passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The Act put the power of the federal government behind the rights of blacks and other minorities to vote. The creation of the Office of Economic Opportunity funded a Jobs Corps that retrained...
Lyndon B. Johnson was considered a traitor by Democrats in SouthernStates when he signed the Voters Rights Act and Federal Lawsagainst discrimination. His actions changed the political powerbalance in those states to Republican as we see today. He did serve as Texas State Senator and was Vice...
2 children.Lynda and luci
Technically he didn't, no war since WWII has had Congressional support.
Medicare, which is an insurance program, was enacted through a bipartisan vote of Congress, with the support of the administration of President Lyndon Johnson.
he is famous for the way he became president
2 Daughters (Lynda Bird Johnson Robb and Luci Baines Johnson Turpin)
Johnson was re-elected in 1964 but could have run again in 1968 . He declined to do so because of protest about the Vietnamese War even within his own party. Anti-war candidates Gene McCarthy and Bobby Kennedy were doing very well in the early primaries and Johnson could see that even if he was...
Johnson picked up his dog by the ears, which looks like it could be painful to the dog. It looked a bit like animal cruelty, and in any event, did not seem like the kind of thing a politician should do in order to present a good public image.
Poverty can be considered the enemy because it makes people suffer, cause pain, and can even kill people. LBJ "declared unconditional war on poverty" by providing aid for the poor, jobs for youth, a domestic Peace Crops, etc.
Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater deferred when it came to thefundamental belief in civil rights. In the 1964 election, Johnsonbeat Goldwater by a large margin.
Some argued that the Federal Government couldn't, or shouldn't, handle the nation's social problems in response to the War on Poverty. Still others held that the program made for a listless country. The program also came under fire from those who thought that the underpinnings of the African...
The United States has never had a communist government.