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Famous filipino scientists?

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my answer is ivonne novicio because she envent the toothpick

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Who is the most famous Filipino scientist?

I would say Angel Alcala. This is the only Filipino Scientist that I know of, and it's one of the top Filipino Scientists\Inventors.

Who are the famous filipino scientist in physical science?

filipino scientists who excelled in physical science: *ARTURO ALCARAZ *RAYMUND PUNONGBAYAN *ENGR.ALEXIS BELONIO *DR.CZARINA SALOMA

List of famous filipino scientist and their inventions?

Filipinos are known worldwide for their various inventions in the scientific field. The list of the famous Filipino Scientists include Roberto del Rosario, Eduardo San Juan and Daniel Dingel.

Who are the famous Filipino and Foreign Biologist?

known famous filipino and foreign biology?

Who are the famous Filipino dramatist?

filipino dramatist

Famous filipino scientist and their invention?

There are many different famous Filipino scientists. Some of these include Julian Banzon who produced alternative fuels, Benjamin Almeda who designed a food processing machine, and Paulo Campos who built the first radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines.

Who are the three famous filipino lyricists?

give an filipino lyricists

10 famous filipino scientist?

Among ten famous Filipino scientists include Angel Alcala, Arturo Alcaraz, Benjamin Almeda, Julian Banzon, Ramon Barba, Benjamin Cabrera, Paulo Campos and Magdalena Cantoria. Also on the list are Josefino Comiso and Lourdes Cruz.

Who are the Filipino revolutionists?

The most famous Filipino revolutionist is Jose Rizal

Who are the most famous Filipino sculpture?

who are the most famous Filipino sculptors, their works to become successful and what materials and style did they use.

Who are some famous Filipino environmentalist?

(edit this to add more) One of the most famous Filipino environmentalists is Von Hernandez.

Who are famous female scientists?

They are scientists who became famous and happen to be female.

Who are the famous Filipino composers of the contemporary period?

filipino composers in contemporary period

Who are the famous filipino gymnasts?

Some famous Filipino gymnasts are Bea Lucero and Nica Calapatan. Another famous gymnasts from the country of the Philippines is Lolita Lagrosas.

Famous filipino and foreign physicist?

There are actually several famous Filipino & foreign physicists. Two of the famous men are named Arturo Alcaraz and Josefino Comeso.

Famous filipino advertisers?


Who were the filipino freemasons?

There were and are hordes of Filipino freemasons. Rizal and Bonifacio were probably the most famous.

What are the famous oratorical speeches written by Filipino authors?

Two famous oratorical speeches by Filipino writers are Carlos Peña Romulo's "I am a Filipino" and Felix B. Bautista's "We Have Become Untrue to Ourselves!"

What are the famous works of the famous filipino sculptor Solomon saprid?


Who are the present famous Filipino composers?


Famous filipino gymnast?

Wai sang

Famous filipino biologist and their inventions?


Who are the famous filipino lyricists?

Ryan Cayabyab

Do you have examples of Filipino essays which is written by famous Filipinos?

sanaysay tungkol sa wikang filipino

Who are some famous Filipino rappers from California?

MB Nel is Filipino and he's from Stockton California