Federal government in Canada?

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Does Canada have a federal government?

Yes it has a provincial and a federal government

Canada s government is a?

Canada government is a federal democratic. This is in French.

What government does Canada have?


What is the leader of the federal government called in Canada?

what is the leader of canada in the federal level

What are the two kinds of a government?

US: federal government and state government Canada: federal government and provincial government

What is the official name of the elected federal government in Canada?

It is simply "Government of Canada"

Is the government of Canada a federal republic?

yes... ==== No. Canada is not a republic. Canada is a Constitutional Monarchy. Canada is, however, a federal state.

What does the federal government of Canada have more control over?


What type of government does Yukon Canada have?

The Yukon has a federal government!

Is Canada a unitary government system or federal system?

A federal system

Territorial government of Canada?

There is no territorial government of Canada. Since Canada is a federation there is a federal government. Canada's provinces are part of the federation and its territories are neither separate provincial entities nor fully federal but are quasi-federal. The three territories of Canada are: Northwest Territories; Yukon; and Nunavut.

What is the government of all of Canada called?


What are thr three types of government in Canada?

federal government provincial government

What are the 3 levels of government in Canada?

Federal Government, Provincial Government, Local Government

How many riding are there in the federal government of Canada?


Is there a group in government that makes the laws in Canada?

The Canadian Parliment makes the laws in Canada. the federal government also do it too.

What is plan of the government for the Canada?

The Federal Government? To increase their power over Provincial matters, eventually turning Canada into a Federation.

How many members of Parliament for the federal government in Canada?

4.1 ;)

What is the title of the Monarch's representative in the Federal government in Canada?

The causus.

Who is the queens representative in canada in federal government?


Where is the Canadian federal government located?

The capital of Canada is Ottawa

What are the responsibilities of the government in a federal election in Canada?

To inform the voters on what the government plans to do and hi Derek

What are the three levels of government in Canada called?

The three levels of government are federal, provincial and municipal.

Who is the Federal Government government leader in Canada?

The Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper

What are two places in Ottawa-Canada?

Parliament Hill (houses our Federal Government) The National Art Gallery of Canada

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