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Instead of using electricity to transmit data, fiber optics use infrared light.

Professor Charles K. Kao invented a purer type of glass tubing called fiber optic wire, which was able to carry light for more than a kilometer. Using pulses of light, fiber optic wire can transmit large amounts of data very quickly without taking up the large amount of space metal wire does.

It's amazing how computers can translate these pulses into amazing digital art!

Also look up CCD (charge-coupled device). The CCD is the sensor that receives the pulses and translates it into your computer or external devices.
optic fibre is a highly transparent fine strand of is used to pass light rays without any loss of intensity...when light rays enter it from one end,they pass in it with angle of incidence greater then crical angle,total internal reflection is repeatedly occured at the walls comes out from other end...

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What cable has the highest data transmission rate?

Fiber optics.Fiber optics.Fiber optics.Fiber optics.

Does metal work like fiber optics?


Do you need total internal refraction to get the fiber optics to work?

Not internal refraction - internal reflection. And yes, that's essential to make fiber optics work.

Who uses fiber optics?

Fiber optics are used by the big organizations, these fiber optics are pricey but are totally worth it for these organizations.

Which is faster cable or fiber optics?

Fiber Optics by a long shot.

Why was fiber optics invented?

Fiber optics was invented for the same reason that human optics were invented, the fiber was having trouble seeing clearly.

When did Charles Kao invent the fiber optics?

he invented fiber optics in 1955

Are fiber optics a type of internet connection?

No, fiber optics are a transmission medium.

What property of light is used in fiber optics?

a signal is beamed as a light through the fiber optics and when they are relayed to the other side a computer decodes the signal that's also how fiber optic TVs work

How do you test fiber optics?

What are the common problems that can be incounter in testing fiber optics connectivity.

Optical communication- may2008 question paper?

what is fiber optics what is fiber optics

How are fiber optics used?

Fiber optics are used to transmit data over large distances.

What is the use of fiber optics?

Fiber optics is used for long distance communication due to its various advantages..

What are facts about fiber optics?


How do you spell fiber optics?

The US spelling is fiber optics (laser pulses along a plastic or silica-glass strand).

What is the Difference between fiber optics and free space optics?

difference between fiber optical and free space optical

Does weather interfere with the transmission of a signal with fiber optics?

No, fiber optics are cables ran from underneath the ground. The weather will not affect it.

Does SIC 3663 cover makers of fiber optics equipment?

SIC 3663 covers makers of fiber optics equipment

What is the difference between fiber optics and fiber optics?

Fiber and fibre mean the same thing. The only difference is that fiber is derived from American English, and fibre is derived from European English.

Who invented fiber optics?

Several people contributed to the making of fiber optics, including Alexander Graham Bell. The first person to actually make it work, however, was a medical student named Heinrich Lamm in 1930.

What are glass strings?

fiber optics

Light travels through a thin glass fiber?

fiber optics

What are three ways that you use fiber optics?

Three ways that you can use fiber optics are: Cable Television, Computer Networking, Electronics Engineering

What has the author Peter K Cheo written?

Peter K. Cheo has written: 'Fiber optics' -- subject(s): Fiber optics, Optoelectronics

What are some physical media that ethernet can run over?

The two basic types of media (there are subtypes) are copper conductor, and fiber optics.The two basic types of media (there are subtypes) are copper conductor, and fiber optics.The two basic types of media (there are subtypes) are copper conductor, and fiber optics.The two basic types of media (there are subtypes) are copper conductor, and fiber optics.

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