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Fiber optics work by way of?



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Instead of using electricity to transmit data, fiber optics use infrared light.

Professor Charles K. Kao invented a purer type of glass tubing called fiber optic wire, which was able to carry light for more than a kilometer. Using pulses of light, fiber optic wire can transmit large amounts of data very quickly without taking up the large amount of space metal wire does.

It's amazing how computers can translate these pulses into amazing digital art!

Also look up CCD (charge-coupled device). The CCD is the sensor that receives the pulses and translates it into your computer or external devices.
optic fibre is a highly transparent fine strand of is used to pass light rays without any loss of intensity...when light rays enter it from one end,they pass in it with angle of incidence greater then crical angle,total internal reflection is repeatedly occured at the walls comes out from other end...

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