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I don't believe he is entitled to workmens comp because he is deceased. He might have had life insurance, and if he died on the job, it's usually a lot more money. Slim outlook here. If he died on the job site you have some possible relief. If not did the job cause his heart attack? You don't have to have a lawyer. You can go visit all the Govt agencies and ask for help in seeking financial help and remedies available. A lawyer can speed things up and cut to the chase. Good luck and I am sorry for your loss. Burial benefits, and medical costs, if any. I'm sorry for your loss as well. You shouldn't need an attorney but please act fast. Contact his employer for the WC carrier, and if they don't have Comp & have 3 or more employees, contact the state at 800.533.0682 or the Enforcement Division at 404.6573.1391 (maybe they can transfer you from the 800#.)

2008-12-30 23:06:18
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How long do you have to be off to collect workmens comp?

To the best of my knowledge, there is no minimum time you have to be absent before you can collect worker's compensation payments, provided you are missing work due to an injury or illness related to working your position.

Can college students collect unemployment?

Yes and no. If a college student is working and gets fired or layed off then they can collect unemployment. If they are not working then no they can't collect unemployment because they have no job to collect it from.

Can you collect workmens comp while still working?

Hi, In general, no. However, that answer is not without some caveats. I live and work in WA state and am unfamiliar with laws elsewhere. Also, if you are working with a vocational counselor because you are unable to return to your previous job duties, you can receive benefits while training and or going to school. I hope that helps! @healthyissaquah

Can you collect child support from your ex-husbands wife if they are married and he isn't working?

No. Your ex-husband's wife is not responsible for your child[ren].

If you worked two jobs and injured at one of the jobs and getting workmens comp can you keep working at the other job.?

not if your 2nd job finds that out

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Can you collect unemployment benefits if you worked 13 months in a state?

It depends. Not every employee who loses his job can expect to collect unemployment. As a general rule, former employees are eligible for unemployment compensation when they're not responsible for their dismissal. As an ex-employee in Georgia you could not collect unemployement benefits if you quit your job. Being laid off due to the economy after working 13 months at a job in Georgia would be sufficient to receive unemployment.

Can you collect unemployment and do freelance work in Florida?

That would be dishonest, you can not collect unemployment if you are freelance working.

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If you are retiring but going to work in the summer for the company that you work for now can you also collect unemployment?

You can not collect unemployment if you are retired or working.

Can you collect unemployment while working a seasonal job in New york?

No. However, you may collect welfare and/or food stamps.

Can you collect unemployment with a part time job?

No, because your working you div.

You were laid off after working for 6 weeks can you collect unemployment?


Can you collect unemployment while working under 1099 in Indiana?


Can you collect unemployment in Washington if you are working on an as needed basis in a different state?

You cannot collect from Washington as the "liable state" that you would file with is the one you are actually working in. That state's criteria would then have to be met as to your qualifications.

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You were fired in pa can you collect in Ohio?

You cannot collect unemployment in another state that you weren't working in. Most of the time you cannot collect unemployment if you were terminated. This is particularly true in an at will state like Ohio.

Can you collect unemployment from working through Manpower?

No. If you are employed, you may not get unemployment compensation.

How does workmens comp pay for injury and hospital bills for a car accident?

It doesn't, unless the accident occurred while the person was driving a company owned vehicle and actually working on the job at the time of the accident.

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