Find out more about volcanoes found under the sea?


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One of the most active areas for volcanoes found under the sea is known as Pacific Rim of Fire. This area has many volcanoes that could have a devastating effect if they erupt on areas including the Philippines.

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We don't know. We can only catalog the volcanoes we know about. There are probably more dormant volcanoes, especially under the ocean, that we haven't found yet.

volcanoes are found on plate margins (look at google images to find out more) and china isn't on a plate margin so there won't be any volcanoes there. hope this helps :)

There is 6,000000 volcanoes on earth and more under water

Yes. There are more volcanoes underwater than on land. Volcanic islands start as underwater volcanoes.

There are more under water than on land.

Venus has more volcanoes than Mars. In fact, Venus has the most volcanoes than any other planet. There were three active volcanoes found on Venus in 2010.

There are more than 1500 active volcanoes on earth. We currently know that 80 or more are under ocean's, these volcanoes can't produce magma just huge explosions.

Underwater volcanoes cause no damage to the earth but they do bubble and sometimes make islands.

No. They are also found above things called 'plumes'. If you want to find out more Google it, there are plenty of sites where you can get any information you might need.

because large continents are bigger so that means more mountains and some mountains are volcanoes.

No. There are no volcanoes on the moon.

Scientists are interested in learning about volcanoes erupting primarily so that they can predict future eruptions. More than 80% of the land today was made by volcanoes. Other reasons scientists might study volcanoes include learning about the different minerals found in the lav, or finding out more about the inside of Earth.

Oceanic plates are much thinner than continental ones. Thus, their surface is closer to the upper mantle, which is where the magma in volcanoes comes from, and it is easier for lava to reach that distance up to form volcanoes.

Volcanoes occur wherever magma reaches the surface of the earth - that can be anywhere, but you find more volcanoes along plate boundaries because that's where the magma gets pushed up more often. Hawaii is an example of a volcano that is not on a plate boundary.

ok you can find salamanders in a lot of places well...thats what i have heard but i haven't found any but you can find them under rocks,dead leaves ,or under a deck but my best friend has foud hers when she was taken a part her padio and found 3!you will probly have more luck if you look when it rained or at night! :D

California is in a location that is more prone to volcanoes.

volcanoes spit out magma which creates more earth and there is more room for the volcano to get bigger

yes there is volcanoes under the water in and sea in the artic ocean and they are more dangerous because they got poison in them and they can kill a lot of people and animals

In volcanoes that have lower amounts of volcanic gases in the magma. A good example is the volcanoes in the Hawaiian islands. Volcanoes with more gases in the magma tend to erupt explosively (Mt. St. Helens, Vesuvius) and have a thicker, slower moving lava.

There are no more ACTIVE volcanoes in Africa.

volcano weapons are more powerful than nuclear volcanoes

There are thousands of underwater volcanoes all over the place, especially Hawaii! i think there are are land volcanoes than underwater volcanoes

Mainly along the Ring of Fire. For more information, see the link below.

Gems such as the red beryl or the "red emerald".More info go to VOLCANOES section! :)

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