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1 unit

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An angle is formed by two rays and a vertex.

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Q: Find the value of QT - UV?
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Find the value of QT - UV.?

1 unit

Can you find qt 4.6 and qt 4.7 in qt sdk?

QT-X2+6x+9 (x+3)(x+3)

What is UV waves?

UV stands for "ultra violet" and consists of light frequencies higher in value than violet light.

What is 3.5qt equal to in qt?

3.5 qt = 3.5 qt.

1gal how many qt?

3 qt 3 qt

How did scientists find out there was a problem in the ozone?

They noticed the UV patterns. UV rays at the poles were higher than expected.

Which is greater 25 pt or 13 qt?

13 qt is greater.13 qt is greater.13 qt is greater.13 qt is greater.

3 gal 2 qt - 2 gal 3 qt?

That's 18 qt less 7 qt ie 11 qt = 2 gal 3 qt

1 gal 1 qt equals qt?

5QT because 4 qt=1gal so 1gal and 1 qt = 5 qt

If you have a 5 qt pail and 3 qt pail how can you get exactly 4 qt of water?

Fill 5 qt pail. Then from full 5 qt fill 3 qt pail. You now have 2 qt left in 5 qt pail. Now empty 3 qt pail then put the 2qt from 5qt pail into this 3 qt pail. Now refill 5 qt pail Use this top off 3 qt till full this leaves you with 4 qts in 5 qt pail

Where can you find a rubber gasket for Ultrex 8 qt pressure cooker?


How many gal and qt in 19 qt?

4 gal & 3 qt

4 qt - 2 qt 1pt equals?

5 qt 2pt

70 qt equals gal qt?

17 gal 2 qt

How many gal are in 12 qt?

4 qt = 1 gal8 qt = 2 gal12 qt = 3 gal

How many cups in 4.5 qt?

1 qt = 4 cups 2 qt = 8 cups 3 qt = 12 cups 4 qt = 16 cups 4.5 qt = 18 cups

What does 4 qt equal into c?

1 qt = 4 c 2 qt = 8 c 3 qt = 12 c 4 qt = 16 c

How did scientists find out about cfcs depleting the ozone layer?

They noticed the UV patterns. More UV led to ozone depletion cause.

How many qt 8 gallons and 3 qt?

Type your answer here... 5 qt

Which one is bigger 0.08 qt or 7.203 qt?


How qt are in 8 cups?

2 qt

How many qt are in 10pt?

5 qt

How much is in 2 gal 3 qt converted to in qt?

Well considering that there are 4 qt in 1 gal so your answer is 11 qt .

How many qt. are in 8 gal 2 qt?

8 x 4 gallons per qt + 2 qt = 34 quarts

Where can you find a motor for your Richmond cedar works 5 qt ice maker?

in a store

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