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You can find them on the android market under the free section. This will allow you to find the top free apps for your latest android phone. This is how I find the best android apps.

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you need to root it, or jailbreak it

Look on the android market.

There are both free and paid apps available for android phones.

Yes they have tons of apps and most of them are free and very easy to use. They have apps for games, books, music, and a lot more the android market apps have some of the best apps you will find out there and most of them don't take a lot of memory in your phone so you can get tons and they also have apps for free ring tones as well.

You do not need a credit card to go to the android market. You do need need a credit card if you want to buy paid apps. You do not need a credit card for free apps.

The Samsung Galaxy S runs on the Android platform. You can get games by connecting to the internet to download apps. The apps in the Android market can be free or available for a fee.

i know that the android market had Angry Birds for free that that was the full game, and on the app store, it's 99 cents... so the android market is cheaper... hope this helps... :)

Yes, The Droid 2 has apps. It comes with a few. You can download lots and lots of free ones in Android Market (one of the apps it comes with)

Extend the usefulness of your HTC Phone by taking a look into the Android Market. Open up your Apps folder and select the Android Market to see a listing of all the free and paid apps available for your phone. You can purchase productivity apps such as word processing and spreadsheet apps, social apps such as Twitter, Facebook and instant messaging apps, and games to keep you entertained during trips or maybe even during work. Many apps that are paid will offer a Free version with limited capabilities. There are hundreds of thousands of apps available in the Android Market.

On Google Play and find apps that is free

Apps can be downloaded on an LG Motion 4G phone. The LG Motion is an Android based phone. This means the phone is capable of downloaded paid and free apps available on the Android market.

Some of them are, but not all of them.

No, accessing the market is free if you have an internet plan on your phone or you can connect via wi-fi from a location. However many of the apps are free on the market, you still have to pay for many more.

Apps from WeeWorld, Inc. are Android free apps that allow you to play online as well.

You can download games from android market or just google them.My first choice is Google Play. There are tons of free games, such as:

Free text messaging apps are available in the Apple App Store for IOS devices such as the Iphone and Ipod Touch. For Android phones, these can be found in the Android Market.

You can find various free apps for your droid phone simply by searching sites that have free downloads; you can also purchase apps for the droid directly from the site for the android market place on line.

I found these free killer android apps they got some great stuff in mobile gaming check it out in the related links " FREE MOBILE APPS"

True the iphone does have more apps, but android has the most FREE! apps.

Some of the apps are paid for, others are free. Plenty of the free ones are excellent. Watch out for 'free' apps that want to charge you for extras once you are using them.

The first step is to click the app. Then look at the options and you should be able to choose what you are looking from. This ranges from free-apps to top rated apps and everything in between.

Android has a large community of developers writing apps for them. On the web there are plenty of free apps all you have to do is look it up.Also your phone carrier can help you with this.

Yes and free too as most apps are for android, also gps navigation

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