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135 words, given by President George Washington, in his second inaugural address.

135 words by President George Washington, made during his second inaugural address.

George Washington. His first inaugural address was in New York City, and his second was in Philadelphia.

It actually was not that short. President Lincoln's second Inaugural Address was approximately 700 words in length. You are probably thinking of President George Washington's second Inaugural Address, which was the shortest Presidential Inaugural Address in history, to date.

The purpose of the Inaugural Address is to issue a new president for the United States of America.

President Lincoln delivered his first inaugural address on March 4, 1861

In the second inaugural address, ending slavery is the purpose of the war.

That was George Washington's second inaugural speech in 1793. Click on the "Second George Washington Inaugural Speech" link below to read it. George Washington's 2nd inaugural address was the shortest in history.

An inaugural lecture is what a speech the president says when he/she is coming into office. It is also known as an inaugural address.

Yes and no. His first inaugural was in NYC, since it was the capital, but he gave a second inaugural address in Philadelphia as well.

The inaugural address is given at the site of the swearing in ceremony at the US Capitol building in Washington,DC. In recent years, a special platform/stage has been constructed on the outside steps of the Capitol for the inauguration.

After the president is sworn into office.

Washington urged Congress to add a bill of rights to the Constitution that would express "a reverence for the characteristic rights of freemen and a regard for the public harmony…" Although not required by the Constitution, every president since Washington has followed his example and delivered an inaugural address.

President George Washington's second inaugural address was the shortest in history.

March 4, 1861. He gave his second inaugural address on March 4, 1865.

The inaugural of Harry S Truman was the first to be televised in 1949.

President Richard Nixon President Richard Nixon

George Washington at his second inauguration in 1793.

West front of US Capitol in Washington, DC

The oath to which President Kennedy referred in his inaugural address was the Presidential Oath of Office. It was administered just before his speech.

Barack Obama gave his inaugural address in front of the US Capitol building in Washington, DC.

An address delivered at an inaugural ceremony is called an inaugural address.

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