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First anniversary wedding gifts?



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== == It's paper so if you are a joker you give them tp or if you care a book that they both can enjoy. Actually, there are many thoughtful gifts you can give for a first anniversary, where the traditional gift is paper, the modern is clocks, the gemstone is gold and the flower is pansies. * A love letter or poem you wrote is a wonderful romantic gift. * If you're giving a gift to a couple, a book of romantic poems would be perfect. * As a photo is made of paper, buy a personalized photo frame and insert your favorite photo from your first year together. * A piece of gold jewelry. For her, a heart pendant or locket. For him, a bracelet or dog tag pendant. * Start a scrapbook and each year of your anniversary, add momentos from that year. * Celebrate by treating yourselves to a concert or show: tickets are paper. * Or plan a romantic getaway, maybe even to your honeymoon spot: airplane tickets are paper. * What hobby does the couple enjoy together? Give them a book or a magazine subscription for that hobby. * Have the key to your home where you started living together gold-plated. Add a small tag enscribed with something like "My love grows greater every year" or "The 1st of many happy years together. I love you!" This can be done at a local fine jewelry shop.

If it's a small gift, find some images of pansies, insert them into a Word doc and print out. Or if you're lucky, you might find a gift bag or paper decorated with pansies at a dollar store.