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first record label to use dolby


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Her first record label was Def Jam !

Elvis first recorded for Sun label records

The first record label to carry the Fresh cream album was an independent label by the name of Reaction.

The supposed name of Rihanna's first record label is " A girl like me " It is accually though now as 'Def Jam records'

I.R.S. (International Record Syndicate) Records

The Distillers very first album was under the record label Epitaph in 1999. They also used the same recording label for their 2nd album just a year later in 2000.

the record label numbers are on the record itself just outside the actual label. there will be some numbers letters etc. the number with the circle around it represents the printing.

Gordon Keith's local Steeltown label apparently.

no so their first record label dropped them

well you first need to know where his record label is of course and also you need to send his record label your demo along with your biography, photo, address and phone number and surely he will get back to you.

As a solo artist, Motown was michaels first listed label. Source official price guide to records 15th edition.

Justin's first signing to a record label was to Island Def Jam. He has also used Raymond Braun Media Group.

The ambiguous answer is - The first record on the Motown record label is "BAD GIRL" recorded by The Miracles on label number G-1 in September 1959. Though the MOTOWN label itself was the 2d label under Motown Records. The first original label was TAMLA and was 9 months before the MOTOWN label was launched. And the first recording was 'COME TO ME' by MARV JOHNSON and written by Marv Johnson in Jan 1959 on Tamla 101. The background vocal accompanied by Rayber Voices (RAYnoma and BERry Gordy). The b-side was Whisper. This title was released from the 1719 Gladstone Street address, and also released for national distribution by United Artists (UA 160).

Reel Life Productions (1988-2011)

You should really present your music to a record label first, not a studio. If you wish to present is to a record label you can always mail a CD with your songs to them and sometimes they do respond back.

Sony first, then Epic Records Hope it helps :)

Columbia Records. Their first album (It's About Time)wasn't of much success, so the label dropped them. Not too long after, though, were they discovered by Hollywood Records, their current label.

The first big record label album was Dookie. Before that, there was 39/Smooth (1990) and then Kerplunk! (1992).

Slipknot. Slipknot was signed a record label with Roadrunner Records in 1997, and released their first album in 1999. Hollywood Undead signed a record label with Interscope in 2005, and released their first album in 2008.

Stevie Nicks signed with her first record label, Polydor Records, at age 24. Stevie Nicks and her musical partner, Lindsey Buckingham released the album Buckingham Nicks with the help of Polydor Records.

Lena is important because she was the first African American woman to sign a record label to a major record producer

ther first big hit in Gary was with Steeltown. the single was called Big Boy and was a hit with the Gary, Indiana label. but as for there first worldwide record big hit with Motown was with i want you back.

i am assuming that you are referring to Elvis Presley's record label. IF so, it is currently SONY/BMG. Elvis first started at Sun and then moved to RCA

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