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This description matches that of a cicada or sand-fly. They are large black insects with two yellow stripes on its lower body.

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Q: Flying insect large black with 2 yellow stripes on it lower body burrowing in the ground?
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What flying brown with yellow stripes flying insect lives in the ground?

Ground bees are known to be brown with yellow stripes across their back. These insects build their nests under the ground and can be very dangerous if they are not detected.

What flying insect has a reddish brown head and a black body with yellow stripes and digs a hole in the ground?


What flying insect has a orange body with black stripes?


What is the flying insect with black body and 3 yellow stripes?


What is the black and red flying insect that digs holes in the dirt next to the house?

burrowing bee

What flying insect is black with many yellow stripes and is not a BEE?

cicada killers

What is a flying insect with bright green head and yellow stripes across back?


What flying insect builds a hole in the ground?

ground nesting wasp

What kind of flying insect is black with 2 yellow stripes and has a proboscis but no stinger?

It is a moth.

What is a burrowing bug?

A burrowing bug is any insect in the family Cydnidae.

What flying insect is large with a black body and white strips?

There are many types of flying insects with black bodies and white stripes. Some possibilities include butterflies, bees and wasps.

What small flying insect is black with red abdomen and nest in the ground in small holes in dirt mound?

The sand fly is an insect that matches this description. It is black with a red abdomen and nests in the ground.

What kind of flying insect burroughs in the ground and the hole looks like a ant hole?

May be a Cactus Bee

What flying insect burrows into the ground?

I don't know but my grandpa has these in his front yard, I'm trying to figure it out too

What flying insect can spread the disease malaria?

The flying insect that can spread the disease Malaria is the Anopheles Mosquito.

What is a Black insect with yellow stripes on tail?


What insect has brown and black horizontal stripes?

The marmorated stink bug is an insect that has brown and black horizontal stripes. These type of stink bugs are found in Massachusetts and Missouri.

Who is mobes?

an flying insect

What is an African flying insect?

a bug

Is a flying insect an invertebrate?


What is the slowest flying insect?


Is a fly a flying insect?


Fastest flying insect?

Dragonflies are one of the fastest flying insects

Why does the bee have black and yellow stripes?

The black and yellow stripes that bees and wasps share are to warn other animals (including humans) that they are dangerous. That is why people get alarmed when they see any flying insect with black and yellow stripes. The hover fly for example has black and yellow stripes. People are scared of them, even though they are completely harmless.

What is the flying insect that looks like a very small hummingbird that is all brown except for two fluorescent yellow stripes across the narrow end of the tail?

I believe what you are talking about is the Hummingbird Moth.