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The basic necessities are energy to body organs and blood formation.

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Q: Food provides which two necessities for living things?
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What are the necessities of live?

The necessities of living things are water, air (oxygen) and food. Without these things we would all die. Animals would also die.

Why do all living things feed?

living things feed in order to survive and they feed because food provides them with materials for energy and growth

Why do living thing feed?

living things feed in order to survive and they feed because food provides them with materials for energy and growth

What provides calories to the human body?

food provides the human body with nutrients and energy. and all living things need energy.

The ultimate source of energy for living things is and why?

The ultimate source for living thins is the sun. This is because the sun provides things on the absolute bottom of the food chain with food. They are then used as food for the next living thing on the food chain. Things on the bottom of the food chain are called producers. They perform photosynthesis to convert the suns light into useable energy. Organisms the can create their own food are called autotrophs.

What can food provide for living organisms?

you a living organism so you ought to know what food provides

What are the Five necessities of life?

Food, water, living space, oxygen, and proper temperature

What are the necessities that a community needs?

Food, water, and shelter are the necessities that a community needs. Support, values, and friendships are additional things that a community must have in order to survive.

Do many living things get food from other living things?

Green plants make food from sunlight. All animals get their food by eating plants (living things) or animals (also living things)

What is the Importance of food for living organism?

Food provides nutrients and energy we need.

What are the basic social economic necessities?

The most basic social economic necessities are food, drinking water, shelter, and clothing. Many other things are also desirable, but not as basic.

List the basic needs that are provided by organism's habitat that will allow it to survive and reproduce?

Most living things need air, water, food, shelter, and protection from predators.