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The Utah Utes is a football team from the University of Utah. They begin with the letter U.

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Q: Football teams beginnning with the letter U?
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What are the names of football teams that start with you?

The University of Utah Utes is a football team. It begins with the letter U.

Football teams and players starting with the letter U?

Matthew Upson. And the team is Udinaisse.

Is there a football teams name beginning with the letter u?

udinese (ITALY) uruwa red diamonds (JAPAN) uxbridge united (NON-LEAGUE)

What football team starts with the letter U?

There are no professional football teams in North America that start with the letter U. However there are several college football teams that start with the letter U including University of Alabama At Birmingham (UAB), University of Central Florida (UCF), University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), University of Southern California (USC), University of Utah (Utah), Utah State University (Utah State), and University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP).

What are the names of two football teams beginning with the letter U?

If you mean starting with the letter U, then there are none in the top 5 leagues, unless you count 'uddersfield and 'ull! Sounds like a dumb question really.

Which ncaa football teams have the most arrests?

U fo Florida-27

What sports teams start with the letter u?

The Utah Utes

Which sports teams start with the letter U?

For Soccer:FC UTECHT

Does the state of Hawaii have major sport teams?

U of H has a good football team

What hero starts with the letter U?

Johnny Unites is a football hero. His name begins with the letter U.

Are there football teams that start with the letter 'U'?

Yes ... most that are associated with a college ... University of (whatever college and team). Perhaps like:* UCLA * USC * University of Arizona Wildcats

What football teams has David Beckham played for?

Before he played for Manchester United ( Man U ) and now he played for American football team.

What sport teams start with the letter U?

Ujpest - A Hungarian soccer team

How do you kick people out of fantasy football?

u go to league and bottom right itsays kick to one of the teams

How many division 1 football teams does Michigan have?

Five. MSU, U of M, Eastern, Western, and Central

How do you get youth players on football manager 2009 handheld?

you cant. unfortunatley u dont hav youth teams although u do have reserves but they dont count

What do the initials G U on the Patriots football team uniforms stand for?

The G U stands for Gene Upshaw and is being worn by all teams in the NFL this year.

Is there a football team beginning with U?

English football teams with names beginning with U are: Uckfield Town (level 11) United Services Portsmouth (level 10) University of Exeter (level 11) Uxbridge (level 8)

What is lil wayne'sfavorite sports teams?

Packers lakers Red Sox capitals Man U lsu football unc basketball

What is Illinois main sport?

Illinois has no main sport but if u had to choose then probably football, baseball and basketball due to their pro teams.

What famous African American has a name that starts with the letter u?

· Gene Upshaw (football)

Athletes last name starting with letter u?

· Johnny Unites (football) · Westley Unseld (basketball) · Gene Upshaw (football)

What are the names of the schools that play in the NCAA?

all NCAA colleges in football,basketball,all the sports there are all of the teams but, it depends on what year u got of that sport then it will be the same teams but different players

Name all teams in the English football league that do not contain any of these letters g o a l?

there isn't any u douche

Which football teams has all the vowels?

All the vowels are A,E,I,O,U amd The Georgia bulldogs have all the vowels in it "gEorIA bUlldOgs"