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It is the idle time when no cutting is taking place. The bigger picture is , to take the total idle time and express it as a percentage of the cycle time. The idea is to get this percentage as small as possible. It is use full on multi slide or multi turret machines where the cutting of two tools can overlap and so reduce chip to chip time. The programmer determines the chip to chip time . The smaller the chip to chip time the smarter the programmer. Efficiency and productivity improves

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machine breakdown, non ability material, illness

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How does data get on the microchip after manufacturing?

In the case of an EPROM chip - The chip is plugged into an EPROM (Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory) machine. Each microchip has a small amount of memory, and the EPROM machine effectively writes instructions to the chip's memory. These machines usually program large batches of chips at the same time. This set of instructions is permanent unless the chip is re-programmed.

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Assuming that you mean payback money, in the context of casino gambling, this refers to the percentage that a machine will return to customers over a length of time. The percentage is preset into the computer chip of the machine.

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Important to know the difference between a 'tool' and a 'machine' here. They do seem to be closely related and overlapping. Tools help you to follow a vocation/job. Tools can help you to make a machine, unless it is found in nature. ( like a lever ) The identity of the first machine maker is lost in time. Could be more useful to determine what the first machine was. I would think that the first machine was not 'built' with that idea in mind, i.e. this is the first machine. It was most likely 'built' to make work easier. kapm

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What are 3 considerations when choosing memory?

Capacity, speed and access time. A 2GB chip will hold twice as much as 1GB. An 800MHz chip will be twice as fast as a 400MHz chip. A memory chip with an access time of 20ms retrieves data at twice the speed as one with a 40ms access time.

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