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For horsepower tv have 1970 ls7 crate motor trying to find some engine specs to change camcalled local gm dealers have no information on it can you help you terriespyderaolcom?

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2010-09-30 16:09:25

Chevy used the LS-7 ( not LS7 ) to identify a higher horsepower

version of the 454 cubic inch (7.4 L) Mark IV engine in 1970.

displacement 454 cid

bore and stroke 4.251 x 4.00"

compression 12.50:1

brake horsepower 465 @ 5200rpm

torque 490 @ 5200 rpm

solid valve lifters

high performance cam

did not come with a carb. because it was a replacement


I use a Dart single plane intake with a 950 pro series and 602

hp @ 5400 rpm

555 ft. lbs @ 5300 rpm

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