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For how long do dogs have babies?

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they have them with every heat if you let them near any male dogs,some dogs have puppies late in life whuch can be unsafe

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How long it take a dog to have baby?

Dogs don't have babies. People have babies, dogs have puppies.

How long does it take for a boy dog to have babies?

Male dogs don't have babies.

How long before dogs have their babies?

63 days.

How often do prairie dogs have babies?

Prairie Dogs have babies once per year in the Spring. - Leahla1979 Long Dong Silver will get you!

How many babies can dogs have?

Dogs can have up to 10 babies at a time.

Can dogs have babies?

Puppies, but not babies.

Do cats and dogs have babies?

Funny Cats And Babies Playing Together โ˜… Animals Trolling Babies

How long babies dogs stay mom dog?

Till they are at least 7 weeks

Can cats and dogs have babbys?

Yes, dogs and cats have babies. A dog's babies are called puppies and a cat's babies are called kittens.

What are dogs babies and their care?

well dogs take their babies and protect them. it is wat the baby does to survive.

How many month long does it take 4 the dogs 2 have babies?

Around 2 months

How long does it takes the rottweiler babies to hatch?

They don't hatch, dogs give live birth.

When do dogs teethe?

When theyre babies When theyre babies

Were do girl dogs have their babies?

They have babies out of their booty hole !

When dogs are babies how many years are they babies for?


Why do dogs eat babies?

Dogs eat some of their babies after birth if they feel they need to. Usually the babies they eat wouldn't have survived anyway.

How can your dogs have babies on Nintendogs?

No, They stay babies their Whole Life...And babies can't have babies. sorry

Are yorkies supposed to be treated like babies?

No. They are dogs, not babies.

How long does a street rat live?

Forever. Oh, but be careful, rats can eat cats, and dogs, and babies.

Can dogs in Nintendogs have babies?


What are dogs babies?


Is true that a girl have babies dogs from a dog?

No, girls only have human babies, and dogs only have dogs. it is impossible for a girl to have baby dogs. I hope you guys got info. from this answer! :]

How do dogs have so many puppies?

They arent like humans, they can have up to 9 babies a litter. They are long and that's how all the babies fit inside of them. Many shorter dogs don't have many baies, probably up to 5.

Do dogs have babies?

Yes, they have baby dogs and they are called puppies.

How long do you have to wait for your dogs on dogs 4 to make babies?

About 4-5 weeks if they are oncoming pregnant but have to be atleast 1 and a half yr old xx