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The Lira is the acceptable form of cash payment.

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Q: For public transport in Istanbul -Do you pay in Lira or Euros?
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What money is used in Istanbul?

The Turkish Lira is used in Istanbul and in Turkey.

What Monetary Unit is used in Italy?


Which currency to use in Istanbul?

Istanbul is located in Turkey. The national monetary unit in use in Turkey is the Lira.

How much is 20 lira worth in euros?

At the time Italy converted from lira to the euro, the interchange rate was L1,936 = €1.00, so if it were still possible to exchange lira for euros that amount would be worth all of one euro cent.

What is a 50000 Lira note worth?

Italy uses Euros now.

What type of money do you use in Istanbul Turkey?

Printed Paper. Turkish Lira

What is the Arabic money in Istanbul?

Istanbul is in the country, Turkey. The currency in Turkey is called the Lira. At today's market rate, 1 Lira is worth about $0.55 US, but PLZ remember that the rate floats day to day.

What is the denomination of the money?

Dollars, Euros, Lira, Pounds, Pesos, Franks, etc.

What country used lira but now uses euros as a money system?


How much the value of 1000 lira in dollar?

It depends on: A) What sort of Lira. There are many countries whose currency is called Lira in English; Turkish Lira, Lebanese Lira etc. B) What sort of dollars, Australian, Singapore etc. If you mean Italian Lira, the answer is nothing. Italian Lira were replaced by Euros in 2002, and they can no longer be exchanged.

Do Romans use euros?

Yes, the euro is the official currency of Italy, replacing the Lira.

What is the deadline to exchange liras for euros?

The deadline to exchange lira to euro is February 29, 2012.

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