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Q: Formatting marks such as paragraph symbols and dots for spaces are called?
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Formatting marks such as paragraph symbols and dots for spaces are also called what characters?

Formatting Characters

Formatting marks such as paragraph symbols and dots for spaces are also called what?

Nonprintable characters

What are characters that displays on the screen to show the location of paragraph marks tabs and spaces but that do not print are called?

formatting marks

Number of spaces a paragraph is indented?

the answer is five. the tab button spaces and automatic five spaces for each paragraph

What do Computer experts call spaces that have been inserted for readability?

If the spaces have been inserted between the letters it is called kerning. If the spaces are put between paragraphs or other elements it is simply called formatting (layout).

What has 5 lines 4 spaces?

A paragraph?!?

What amount of spacing should be used for APA papers?

For sure, the spacing should be double space. While writing a paper following APA formatting style the paragraph should be started with at least 5 spaces.

What is the number of spaces a paragraphs are indented?

There are 5 sentences in a paragraph, so 4 spaces.

Spatial order paragraph?

paragraph is used to describe spaces? 21 โ–บ Spatial order paragraphs โ–บ Multi-paragraph composition โ–บ Time order paragraphs โ–บ Order of importance paragraph

What is the meaning of indent paragraph?

indenting five spaces

What displays non printing characters such as paragraph markers and spaces?

For Microsoft users: It's called the "show/hide" button. It's a button with this symbol ¶ on it. When it depressed is yellow-colored it is activated and you can see things paragraph marks, section breaks, spaces, and tabs.

What is the Microsoft WORD style that inserts no extra spaces following a paragraph and uses single spaces?

no spacing

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