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Forms when different particles of matter mix evenly

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What forms when two or more particles are distributed evenly among each other?

Nothing different from before they were mixed. It forms an equilibrium.

How can you use the particle theory of matter to explain how a solution of salt and water forms?

The particles of salt and the particles of water are both moving very fast. The different particles attract to each other so therefore it forms a solution.

What are the subtomic particles?

Subatomic particles are tiny forms of matter that usually exist inside atoms. Common forms include protons, neutrons, and electrons. They are what gives the atom its chemical properties.

Why can you not define matter in an absolute way?

Matter ranges in many different forms. How would you catagorize peanutbutter? There are somthing like 16 different forms. Somthing has to fit into a catagory.

Is air heat energy and sound a form of matter?

Air is a form of matter (composed of different gases, which are forms of matter). Heat, energy, and sound are all forms of energy, not matter.

Why do particles of the solid change into a liquid when you heat?

when we heat a solid we supplies latent heat to the matter which breaks the interparticular force between the particles of the matter and split them more apart from each other.And when the closeness of particles erase away and a gap between these particles forms it converts into liquid.

Who created anti-matter?

No one, its forms when another particle in a different universe is made.

How are matter and mass and atoms related to each other?

Matter and energy are but different forms of energy.

Why does CERN want to find out about matter?

Because knowing about matter (differences between different forms of matter) is important to answer these questions:Why is there no-more antimatter left, although both were resulting from the Big Bang in equal parts and thus, should've annihilate themselves?Why do particles have mass? What is mass?Does dark matter exist? What is dark matter?

What are acid particles?

Acid Particles are magic-magnetic particles of matter in it's highest form, whose composition posses the ability to create photo-images-mental-light forms. A Bailey

Why atoms are similar in nature?

Different types of atoms are like different species of animals. Just as all atoms are made up of the same subatomic particles, animals (and all of known life forms, for that matter) are carbon-based.

Energy that is the result of the internal motion of particles of matter is termed?

Matter is of three forms. In case of solids, the particles would vibrate and hence vibrational energy But in case of fluids, ie liquids and gases, the particles would have kinetic energy due to random motion.

What is plasma in chemistry?

plasma is a type of sub atomic particles similar to a gas and sometimes called the fourth state of matter. However all other forms of matter are atomic while plasma is a floating cloud of ionised particles and charged particles like protons and electrons.

How do scincetists determine that the black hole is there?

All forms of matter and particles in close proximity are sucked into the vortex, including light particles. Visually, it creates a spiral pattern of light.

What happens to the particles of a solute when a solution forms?

The particles of solute dissolve in the solvent when the solution forms.

How is energy related to matter?

Energy has a great relationship to matter. Matter is used to create a great many different forms of energy for example.

Any state of matter?

Some states of matter are solid, liquid, gas, and plasma. These are distinct and different forms in which matter can exist in nature.

Matter can be found in 3 different forms?

Yes It can, Gasses, Liquids, and Solids.

How is 'matter' defined in physics?

Matter is the whole aggregation of atoms and particles affected by gravitation, that possesses inertia and volume, that evolves with time, that is convertible with energy, and forms the basic structure of the universe.

What forms when two or more substances are evenly mixed?

When you combine two or more evenly you will get suspension

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