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a=change in velocity


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Q: Formula for acceleration of all objects falling to the earth?
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Acceleration of a falling coin on tower?

The acceleration of falling objects in Earth is about 9.8 m/s2.

What is the acceleration of objects falling towards earth?


What is the acceleration of falling objects?

It is 9.81ms-2

How do you calculate the acceleration of falling objects?

Ask around to find out what planet they're falling on.If it's the earth, then the acceleration is 9.8 meters (32.2 feet) per second2.

How fast do objects accelerate when falling to the ground?

When falling to the ground (or even just in the air), the acceleration of an object depends on the gravitational pull of the object it is falling towards. Here on earth, all things fall relative to the earth which causes an acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2

In freefall do all objects near Earth's surface have the same acceleration?

Without atmospheric drag, all free falling objects near earth's surface will have the same acceleration. But because of friction with the air (air resistance), the velocity of objects due to that acceleration is limited. The actual velocity is dependent on the surface area of the object relative to its mass. The principle of the parachute is to increase the surface area of a falling object with respect to its mass.

How do newtons law of motion explain why objects fall to earth?

Newton's 2nd law F=ma explains that objects will move in the direction of the acceleration a. The object is subject to an acceleration, in this case the acceleration is g= GM/r2 toward earth. Newton discovered this acceleration in. his law of universal Gravitation, F=mGM/r2 This is why objects fall to earth. F=ma says that the force required to produce an acceleration is proportional to mass. The moon does not move in the direction of the acceleration. It accelerates but contiously misses falling onto the earth because it is moving sideways. For ordinarary falling objects, the force of gravity pulls them down, since they are not moving sideways fast enough to miss the earth. It's the law of gravity working here not the law of motion.

What is the acceleration of a falling object?

The acceleration of a falling object is called gravity. A free-falling object has an acceleration of 9.8 m/s/s when going downward on Earth.

Why don't all objects fall to the earth at the same velocity even though the acceleration?

The acceleration is the same for all objects, as long as air resistance is insignificant. After a while, different objects will have different amount of air resistance. Also, even without air resistance, the speed depends not only on the acceleration, but also on how how long the objects are falling.

What is the acceleration of the mass ofa 100 N force pushing on a 10 kg mass sitting on a horizontal surface?

The acceleration due to gravity on earth doesn't depend on the mass of the falling object. All falling objects on the same planet fall with the same acceleration. On earth, the acceleration is 9.8 meters/sec2 .

What balances the gravitational attraction of the earth on a falling object?


What is a freely falling projectile?

It is a projectile falling with an acceleration equal to that of free fall. (an object falling in a vacuum at the earth's surface)