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A palaeontologist studies fossils.

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Q: Fossils are studied by a special kind of scientist called?
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Fossils are studied by a special kind of scientist called a?


What is a scientist called when they study fossils?


Scientist who study fossils is called?


A scientist who studies fossils is called a?

A scientist that studies fossils in called a paleontologist. Paleontology is a discipline within geology, which is the study of the Earth's history.

What is a scientist who studies fossils?

it is called a paleontoligist. curtis

Darwin studied the preserved remains of ancient organisms called?


The first carbon compounds that scientist studied were called?

Organic compounds

What do you call a scientist who studies dinosaur and fossils?

A scientists who studies fossils, whether they are from dinosaurs or something else, is called a paleontologist.

In addition to observing living organisms Darwin studied the preserved remains of ancient organisms called?


In addition to observing living organisms Darwin studied the preserved remains of ancient organisms called what?


Who studied mold?

Alexander Fleming is a famous scientist who studied mold. He later produced the antibiotic called penicillin from mold sources in 1952.

How do archaeologists find artifacts and fossils?

they use a special gps called GPS 44865

How can scientist use sedimentary rock to date fossils?

More likely is the use of fossils to date sedimentary rock based on the index fossils which appear in it. The appearance of these index fossils indicates the geologic age in which they appeared. This is called relative dating.

What do we call the scientist who studies all types of fossils?

The scientists who study fossils are called palaeontologists (or in the US paleontologists). \ Archaeologists study the remains of prehistoric human societies.

When a scientist designs special tests that are conducted in a lab is called?


Which sauropod was the longest?

The longest sauropod discovered so far is a sauropod called amphicoelias fragillimus. Scientist estimates that A. fragillimus was nearly 60 meters long, although scientists have only found one incomplete backbone and some of the fossils were lost after being studied.

What is someone called who studies the wind?

Wind is part of weather, so wind would be studied by a weather scientist, more formally called a meteorologist.

What are frozen fossils called?

frozen fossils.

Which scientist studied how wounds healed from pre-existing cells rather than new ones?

Rudolf virchow...It is also called as modern cell theory...but exactly this idea is studied by Robert Remak.....

What is a scientist called who studies rocks and fossils?

Strictly speaking these are two differing types of scientists. Petrologists study rocks and paleontologists study fossils. However both these disciplines are covered in the broader training of a geologist.

Tracks and dung are called fossils.?

Trace Fossils!

What are mosasaur fossils?

Mosasaur fossils are fossils of the prehistoric sea monster called Mosasaurus.

What is a person who has studied physics called?

A person who has studied physics is called a physicist.

What are the remains of ancient animals and plants called?


What is a Scientist who studies fossil remains called?

A scientist who studies fossil remains is a paleontologist. Woods, bones, and shells are the most common fossils. Paleontology tells us about ecologies of the past, evolution, and our place as humans, in the world.