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France has a total land area of 547,030 square kilometers (211,208 square miles) and a coastline of 3,427 kilometers (2,130 miles).

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Where does france rank in the world with size?

48th by land size

Which has more land Germany or France?

The country of Germany is 137,847 square miles in size. The country of France is 246,201 square miles in size. Therefore France has more land than Germany.

Size of land area and compared to Australia in France?

Australia - 7,617,930 km2 France - 674,843 km2 Australia is about 11 times the size of France.

Land area size for France?

552 000 km2

Is France larger than Missouri in land mass?

Considering the fact that France is about the size of Texas, yes, France is larger.

What land acquistion from France doubled the size of the US?

The Louisiana Purchase.

What is France land size compared to California?

California 423 970 km2 France 550 000 km2

What was the deal in which the US bought land from France and doubled its size in land area?

The deal was called the Louisiana Purchase.

What country is closest in size to Thailand?

France is closest in size to Thailand. It has land area by 94% of Thailand. Thailand - 513120 square kilometers France - 545600 square kilometers

What is France's land size compared to the US?

The size of France is 547,030 sqare kilometers, 211,209 square miles, while the land mass of the U.S. is 9,161,923 SQ KM.

Why did Jefferson order an expedition to explore the land purchased from France?


What was the land purchased that roughly doubled the size of the US in 1803?

I'm pretty sure that answer is France.

What is the total land size of France?

France area (mainland) is 551,500 km²The total area (oversea territories included is 675,417 km²

Is Russia bigger than France?

Yes. Russia is the largest countryin the world according to land size.

What country is roughly the size of France?

Somalia is closest to size as that of France.

What is the size of France in comparison with India?

size of france compare to india

How did Jefferson manage to double the country's size who did you acquire this land from and whom did Jefferson send to explore the new land?

He managed to double the country's size in the Louisiana Purchase, in which the US bought most of the MidWest from France. Jefferson explorers Lewis and Clark to explore the land.

What land did Thomas Jefferson acquire from France doubling the size of the US extending its borders to the Pacific Coast.?

The Louisiana purchase.

What size is Iran compared to France?

Iran is roughly 2.5x the size of France.

What is the size of France'?

france is as big as about ...palestine

What is the average size of the houses in France?

The average size house in France in BIG.

What land acquisition nearly doubled the size of the US?

The Louisiana purchase from France in 1803 doubled the territorial size of the US. Napoleon offered for sale the huge territory called the Louisiana Territory.

The land size of China?

the land size of china is9,596,960 sq km including land and water......!!!!!

What size of land is enough for a secondary school in Nigeria?

The size of land for secondary school is about 27plot of land

What size is a parcel of land?

There is no set size for a parcel. A parcel of land simply means a tract of land.

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