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Total Investment= $35000+ $40000=$75000

Portfolio Beta = [(35000/75000) X .08] + [(40000/75000) X 1.4]

= 0.78 Answer I came up with was 350 + 25% = 437.5 - 40% = 262.5

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What are the effects of savings and investments?

Savings is a deferred expenditure. It can not assist in capital formation unless invested into assets that assist in production. The production thus assisted through investment results in satisfaction of needs and increased economic activity. Thus the ultimate aim of investment is increased economic activity.

What theatre did William Shakespeare investment in?

He invested in The Globe.

How much interest would you earn of a 30000 investment?

Depends on how you invested it and what rate of return that investment delivered.

Return on investment and safety of investment?

Return on investment is the amount of profit on the invested money after deducting taxes, safety of investment is the risk factor involved in the investment. Such as risk is high safety of investment is less.

Different between the Risk and return of an investment?

risk is you not returning or saving return of investment is returning something that you invested

What expressions is termed the investment turnover factor as used in determining the rate of return on investment?

Sales/Invested Assets

Jenny has thrice as much money invested in 15 percent percent as she invested at 12 percent percent if she gets 51300.00 from both investment how much did she invest at each rate?

jenny has thrice as much money invested in 15% as she invested at 12%. if she gets 51,300.00 from both investment how much did she invest at each rate?

What percentage of an investment portfolio should be invested in the realty sector?


Is virtaforex genuine or fake you have invested 6000 will you get back your investment?


How much foreign investment institution have invested in India?

32 billion dollar

What is a staged investment?

A staged investment is, generally speaking, an investment in which the entire amount is not invested up front at the time of the the initial funding. Instead, a portion is initially invested and the remaining amount is invested over time based upon the achievement of agreed upon milestones. This technique is employed by investors in order to protect against future loss, especially in early stage companies.

Can you give me a marathi sentence using word investment?

She invested into some useless bank all her money. This is a sentence which contains the word investment.

How does investment promote economic growth?

Investment promotes economic growth by adding money into the economy which is then spent on goods and services to provide the good or service being invested in. Furthermore the product or service being invested in then gets sold generating revenue.

How can I calculate return on an investment?

You can calculate your return on investment by dividing your return by the initial amount invested. This will represent your gross return over a period of time.

What is payback method on investment appraisal?

In payback period of investment appraisal method all cash inflows and outflows are analysed and find out that in how many years investment proposal will earn the invested money.

Why were Americans invested in moving to Mexican-owned Texas?

The concept of investment is to make a profit.

Is customer will get return his invested amount?

Is not known yet is customer is getting return 'is investment amount.

What investment did shakespeare make in the theater?

William Shakespeare made an investment in the theater by buying part of the Globe theater. He also invested in theaters by acting and writing for them.

Nature of investment decisions?

Investment decisions are made by investors and stockholders about how and where money will be invested. Most of the time investments are made in the interest of companies and retirement plans.

What would not be part of an investment portfolio?

An investment portfolio is a group of investments in which an investor intends to make a profit on the original invested money. A savings 529 plan would not be included in a investment portfolio as it is an education savings plan not an investment plan.

Is an investment an implicit cost?

Yes, investment is an implicit cost because it is a firm investing their own money in something that (by definition of an opportunity cost) could have been invested in something else. Investment is the opportunity cost of a firm using their own money, and whether or not the opportunity that the firm invested in is worthwhile is defined by the NROR (the normal rate of return).

How can you benefit from a high yield investment?

A high-yield investment program is an investment scam that promises unsustainable high return on investment by paying previous investors with the money invested by new investors. The only benefit is that you may get your money back. They are to risky.

What is an investmentportfolio?

It would be a list of all the various investments you have, the amount invested, length of investment and other details.

Is the amount of Provident Fund invested by an employee will come under the 1 Lakh investment limit?


Is a dividend an asset or liability?

If you receive a dividend from your investment, it is an asset. If you pay a dividend to those who invested with you, it is a liability.