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Free dragon amulet and dragon coins?


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ok i know that this is useles but u can get 12 dragon coins for free and its legal.Ok to get 12 D.C u must firts do the 100 room dungeon quest and play it until u get the chikencowlord armour then u sell the armour at any shop for 12 DragonCoins P.S. it works with the cordemi codexes too

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buy dragon coins or get amulet so u get free 2200 dragon coins

That's impossible. You either have to buy a dragon amulet or cheat. They don't give away dragon coins for free!

you will need to have wpe pro and wacth a video on youtube

If you have a dragon amulet you can also get more dragon coins

You either buy the coins directly without buying a dragon amulet or win a contest in the forums.

No you can buy coins or you can buy a upgrade card for 5,000 dragon coins

You need to buy them with money. Or, you could pay for a Dragon Amulet and get Dragon Coins with the amulet, but wither way you have to pay for them.

Hi. Here are a few ways to get dragon coins for free! 1: Watch Ballyhoo! commercials oftenly and you might get 5 dragon coins sometimes 2: Watch Ballyhoo! commercials. Click "VISIT SPONSOR" Sign up for the sponsors and get free dragon coins 3:Go on Google. Download WPE PRO for free. Go to youtube. Find how to get a free Dragon amulet on WPE PRO. With the Dragon amulet comes 200 or more Dragon coins. Please comment, discuss, and share your ideas. Thanks for reading.

No, you will never get a free Dragon Amulet.

You have to get a dragon amulet

you cannot obtain the Dragon amulet without Buying it from the site

can a kind person give me a free dragon amulet email in dragonfable

Some GPT sites offer Ultimate game cards which you can use to buy the Dragon Amulet for free.

You need to pay real life money to get the dragon amulet . you cannot get it for free.

It is not possible to get a free Dragon Amulet.

Look there is NO WAY you can get a free DF Dragon Amulet without using trainers etc. If you want to get al the benefits of a Dragon Amulet you just have to pay for it! Trust me it is totaly worth it!

You cant actually you cant get a dragon amulet for free. There is no way the DragonFable staff would create a way to get a dragon amulet for free especially not battling the doom kitten 200 time if you want to waste your time killing it 200 times and find out for your self be my guest.........

No one will tell you how to get a free Dragon Amulet account. As the only way to get one is to pay.

how to get dragon coins in dragonfable free

yes u can get a dragon amulet by taking that quest ......... and i can prove it 2 u all ...... becus i get my dragon amulet when i fininsh the quest...............

Some GPT sites offer Ultimate game cards which you can use to buy the Dragon Amulet for free. Read this for more info:

It's a simple thing to do! You goto get Dragon Amutlet (Or get Gamer points) the Dragon Amulet costs real life money. Package 1: 3 months membership and 2000 dragon coins. Package 2: 6 months membership and 8000 dragon coins. Package 3:A Years membership in Dragonfable 10,000 dragon coins I hope this helped you :)

You can not get a free membership,and if any one tells and shows you how it is illegal.

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