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The White House was burnt down by British soldiers in the year of 1814.

Also, in 1814 the Treaty of Ghent was established ending war of 1812.
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Q: From 1814 to 1817 what important events happened in the White House?
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What important events happened at the white house in 1817?

According to records, nothing notable happened at the White House in 1817. In 1814, the White House caught on fire, and in 1824 it was completely remodeled.

What important events happened at the white house in 1814 and 1817?

In 1814, the White House was burned by the British. In 1817, it was restored and President Madison moved back in.

What important event happened in the White House?

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What major events happened when Teddy Roosevelt was president?

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What happened to the White House in August of 1814?

The White House was burned down

Why don't people get to see the second floor of the White House?

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What happened in 1814?

The white house was burned down.

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Burning of the White House?

It happened during the War of 1812.

What happened to the white house in 1812?

It was burned by British solders.

What events has Stephen Colbert attended at the White House?

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What important event happened at the white house in 1814 and 1817?

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Who is the White House spokesman?

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What happened to the White House in 1814?

In 1814 the white house was burnt down by the British. It was made of stone so only the inside was destroyed.

Did thomas Jefferson live in the White House with his children?

One of his married daughters lived in the White House some of the time and helped him host social events.

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What historical events happened around 1590?

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Who named the white house the white house?

No one named it the White House, but it happened after the burn marks were covered by white paint after the British burned it in 1812. To paint a house in the 1800's was very expensive and a whole house painted white would have stood out in undeveloped Washington DC. People began to refer to it as the "White House" so it came in general usage.

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