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dropped 10 percent

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Q: From 1991 to 2001 what happened to the daily participation in high school physical education classes?
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From 1991 to 2001 how did daily participation in high school physical education classes change?

Participation decreased overall, with one study in the US showing a drop of 10% in the number of high school students taking physical education classes.

What define music arts physical education health?

Music, art, physical education and health classes are elective classes for high school students. The students must take all of the classes but can usually take the specific type of classes that they wish.

What education you need to be a physical theraypist?

To become a physical therapist, a person needs to have educational courses pertaining to the medical field. These courses include anatomy and biology.

What classes do you have to take to earn a degree in physical education?

Whatever courses your particular college requires. One surmises there would be a lot of physical education classes (of the "theory" sort... basic anatomy, physiology, dietetics, and that type of thing).

Can I take classes in modeling school online?

There are ways to take modeling courses online, however it is likely that many classes will require a participation component, as modeling is really based on physical appearance and skills.

When did US start PE classes?

Physical education was officially recognized in the United States in the early 1800's. Colleges and Universities began to offer physical education programs throughout the 1800's. Finally, in 1866 California was the first to mandate physical education.

What classes would you take in high school if you wanted to be a athletic trainer?

physical education and science and maths :)

Is the course curriculum for online business education comparable to that offered in scheduled classes at an acredited school?

Almost all online curriculums are comparable to scheduled classes at accredited schools and business education courses are no exception. There is also the same amount of student participation expected online as in the classroom.

What has the author Erika Sander written?

Erika Sander has written: 'Evaluation of sex integrated physical education classes'

What types of high school classes will prepare you to be a actor?

English, Physical Education and Drama (if it's available at your H.S.).

What has the author Kathleen May Pearson written?

Kathleen May Pearson has written: 'A structural and functional analysis of the multi-concept of integration-segregation (male and/or female) in physical education classes' -- subject(s): Physical education and training, Segregation in education, Coeducation

What classes do you need to take in college to become and police officer?

Study law enforcement, legal and paralegal studies, stay fit by taking physical education classes also.