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Q: From the Richard Wagners opera how was it organized?
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Related questions

What is Richard Wagners four-opera cycle called?

It is called The Ring Cycle, or Der Ring des Nibelungen.

What was Wagners last opera called?


What actors and actresses appeared in Der Taktstock Richard Wagners - 1918?

The cast of Der Taktstock Richard Wagners - 1918 includes: Hanni Weisse

What has the author Petra-Hildegard Wilberg written?

Petra-Hildegard Wilberg has written: 'Richard Wagners mythische Welt' -- subject(s): Opera, Music and mythology

What was wagners conception of opera known as?

Music Drama

Who was Richard Wagners father in law?

Franz Liszt

What is Richard Wagners mom name?

its ms wagner

What has the author Hans-H Richard Kegel written?

Hans-H. Richard Kegel has written: 'Richard Wagners Wiedergeburt'

Richard Wagners Der Ring des Nibelungen Ring Cycle has how many operas?


How many operas make up Richard wagners ring cycle?


Who were Richard Wagners relatives?

I'm not sure what you mean by that, but he married Liszt's daughter.

Who is Siegmund in Wagners opera die Walkure?

Siegmund, whose name means "victory protector or shield, is Sieglinde's brother and lover

What has the author Morten Bartnaes written?

Morten Bartnaes has written: 'Richard Wagners \\'

What has the author Egon Voss written?

Egon Voss has written: 'Studien zur Instrumentation Richard Wagners'

What opera is the Bridal march in.?

The opera Lohengrin by Richard Wagner.

What was the name of Richard Wagners wife?

Richard Wagner's first wife's name was Wilhelmine "Minna" Planer. His second wife's name was Cosima Francesca Gaetana Wagner.

What has the author Paul-Gerhard Sraap written?

Paul-Gerhard Sraap has written: 'Richard Wagners dramatischer Entwurf: \\'

What actors and actresses appeared in Auf den Spuren von Richard Wagners Tristan und Isolde - 1973?

The cast of Auf den Spuren von Richard Wagners Tristan und Isolde - 1973 includes: Kurt Buecheler as Richard Wagner Edgar Evans as Melot Rosemarie Fendel as Minna Wagner Kirsten Flagstad as Isolde Josef Greindl as Marke Franz Grundheber as Melot Walter Koeninger as Tristan Ludwig Suthaus as Tristan Claudia Wedekind as Mathilde Wesendonck

What genres did Richard Wagner write?


What has the author Richard Somerset-Ward written?

Richard Somerset-Ward has written: 'Reinventing Public Television' 'The story of opera' -- subject(s): Opera 'The Story of Opera (Abradale Books)'

What instrument are used in Richard Wagners ride of the Valkyrie?

large full orchestra with heavily augmented brass section, including "Wagner tubas" (euphonium-like instruments)

What has the author Hermann Wiessner written?

Hermann Wiessner has written: 'Der Stabreimvers in Richard Wagners \\' -- subject(s): Alliteration, German language, Versification

Who was Richard Wagner's dad?

Richard Wagner's natural father was Carl Friedrich Wagner although he left Wagners mum when he was little. His mother married Ludwig Geyer so he acted like more of a father than his natural father

Which US President was portrayed in an opera?

Richard Nixon

What is Lohengrin's opera?

Lohengrin the opera by Richard Wagner was first performed 28th Aug 1850 conducted by Liszt.