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Q: From the book Qwan What is on qwans forehead?
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What is '51' when translated from English to Italian?

Cinquanta e uno (cheen-QWAN-tah ay ooh-no)... Or if said quickly, cinquantuno (cheen-QWAN-tu-noh) cinquantuno

Did Glinda kiss Dorothy's forehead in the Wizard of Oz?

No. In the book, Glinda is the Good Witch of the South. The Good Witch of the North kisses Dorothy's forehead.

Which character points a sword at the shepherd's forehead in the book the alchemist?

The bar owner

What does the name Qwan mean?

it means that u have the weirdest and stupidest and unusual name EVER U loser

Who was the author of the book The t-shirt book?

Sully, he was born in a barn at 1983, he suffered a poor birth and got a massive forehead

What does hoof your forehead mean?

Hoof your forehead means you have a big forehead.

The chin is what to the forehead?

The chin is lower than the forehead which makes the chin inferior to the forehead.

What is the center of the forehead called?

The center of the forehead.

What is the Malayalam meaning of Forehead?

Forehead = neti

What part of speech is forehead?

Forehead is a noun. A noun is a person, place, or thing, and forehead is a thing.

What does kisses on the forehead mean?

you must have had food on your forehead

What causes rashes on the forehead?

what is the cause of rash on forehead

Is the nose inferior to the forehead?

Yes, it is below the forehead.

Can you get cold sores on your forehead?

You can get cold sores on your forehead.

How do you say forehead in Esperanto?

Forehead is 'frunto' in Esperanto.

What form of martial arts do guardians use in vampire academy?

they use tai qwan chia in Chinese 诶艾弗勒

Is it allow to touch forehead by quran?

Yes but your forehead should be clean and you can touch the Quran by forehead in the way of respect.

How can you even get up if you fell and break your forehead?

It is possible to get up if you fell and break your forehead if there is no much damage to your forehead.

What does a forehead kiss mean?

It means somebody kisses you in the forehead

How do you put forehead in a sentence?

He had a really weird scar on his forehead.

Is forehead a common noun?

Yes, forehead is a common noun.

Should I get a full fringe cut?

If you have a high forehead, no way. If you have a medium height forehead, have a little think before you do, and if you have a low forehead, go for it! (a hairdresser can tell you what kind of forehead you have.)

Can you shrink your forehead?

It is not possible to shrink a persons forehead. It may be possible to lower the hairline so it appears that the forehead is smaller.

What are the two main types of forehead lifts?

The classic, or open, forehead lift involves a long incision along the top of the forehead and lifting of the skin of the forehead. The second type of forehead lift, known as an endoscopic lift, is performed with special instruments

Forehead kiss means?

A forehead kiss means that someone loves you.