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by the water cycle u stupid noob

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What happen to evaporated water?

It evaporates to the clouds then it becomes rains

Does evaporated water become gas in the atmosphere?

sort of. It becomes gas, but it turns into clouds because it condenses

What does evaporated water do in a water cycle?

Evaporated water forms clouds and clouds forms rain by condensation.

What do clouds consist of?

clouds are basically water that has evaporated.

What do clouds contain?

Clouds contain evaporated water.

How does water evaporate into clouds?

Water evaporated from the Earth is transformed in clouds.

What Is The Sky Clouds Made Of?

Evaporated water.

What is details about the water cycle?

Water is evaporated(turned into gas) by the sun and becomes the clouds. When the clouds become full, they drop the water back down to the earth as rain. The cycles starts all over again.

Why do you have floods if water evaporates?

Evaporated water turns into clouds and clouds will produce rain.

How does water move from the atmosphere to the hydro sphere?

The water is evaporated into clouds then the cloud moves along as it becomes more dense until it rains into other areas.

Can you sit on a cloud?

No clouds are just evaporated water.

What are clouds made by?

Evaporated water or ice crystals.

Evaporated water condenses in the atmosphere to form what?


What does water in the sea turn into when its evaporated?

It turns into clouds

Are clouds and example of evaporation or condensation?

The water is evaporated creating condensation. TEchnically the clouds are condensation

Why doesn't the moon have any clouds?

clouds are made up of evaporated water and since there is no water on the moon there cannot be any clouds

How much clouds exist?

It depends on how much water that evaporated.

What will it be like if water never evaporated?

No clouds, no rains, no snow

What type of water are high clouds made of?

Evaporated water.

Are clouds evaporated water in the form of a gas?

kinda. you see, clouds are made out of tiny droplets from the water evaporated that forms a gas. the particles go up in the air, and they make a cycle!!

What are clouds and how do they form?

Clouds are actually the water that is evaporated from our water sources in hot season,these are the cause of rain

Which best describes the relationship between subatomic particles in any neutral atom?

Protons are electrically positive charged, electrons are electrically negative charged, neutrons are electrically neutral. The number of electrons and protons is equal in a neutral atom. Protons and neutrons are in the atomic nucleus, electrons on electron shells, forming electron clouds.

Why its raining?

Because before it was raining, water evaporated into clouds. When the clouds got too big it started raining.

What makes cirrus clouds?

Water vapor and evaporated water from the ocean

What happens to the water which has evaporated from earth's surface?

This water is transformed in clouds.

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