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There are sites on internet from where you can download Software Project Source Code Documentation for free. You can also buy a CD for the software.

display the question can you provide c# with .net project with complete documentation and source code?

One can download or buy business project management software on the Internet, in web pages such as Microsoft, ProjectPro, Clarizen, Wrike or Source forge.

which Website for free java project to be download with source code Free Download Project in,Java ,C#.Net ,Php on thisWebsite

Open source refers to the manufacturer. Project Management Software is software that organizes planning, management, and overall operations of particular projects. Aspects such as costs, goal tracking, email, calendar, etc., are incorporated into the the software to make it your go to source for project planning.

Open source software vendors will sell support contracts and will deliver live support, patches and documentation. It is based off of the "Software as a service" model.

SourceForge is the best online resource for downloading open source software. Open Source means that it is free to download. You can get Evergreen, the highly-scalable software for libraries at They also have more information on it there.

You pay for open source software packaging, the media (DVD etc.), the documentation, and often the ability to receive support.

Apache is an organization that provides various open-source software projects, of which the most commonly-associated software project is their Web server project.

HAProxy is a solid open source load balancing firewall software. The term "open source" means that it is absolutely free for you to download and begin using.

Program is a specific kind of software, whereas software is just the general term. Program is source code + object code, whereas software is documentation + source code + object code Program is set of instructions, whereas software is set of programs.

Now nobody can download free computer systems. Free Restaurants Software is a source for point of sale systems. "Myfreepos" is another source for this type of software.

The Appserv Open Project is a project that merges open source programming software into a single installer for Windows. Software included in the bundle includes Apache WebServer, PHP, MySQL and more.

Anytime you download software the will be executed on your computer, you face risks. Make sure you know the source of the software. Then you can judge whether or not the level of risk is acceptable vs. the potential benefits of the software.

It is free for all.Someone can just download and use it .

The blackberry website will have software made available for customers to download to their phone. There will be other websites with the same software available but you will have to ensure the page is a trusted source as this could potentially be a virus. Never download software from a website that is not a trusted name.

There are many websites that offer free downloadable software. There are lots of open source websites which allow you to download software, such as Gimp and Blender.

Open Office download is FREE. It's what's called 'open source' software.

An open source application software is something for which the source code is available for download and anybody can modify it and release subsequent versions of the same provided they mention the version of the source using which they modified.

Open source software is almost always free to download and use for any purpose, while also providing access to the source code for further development. One of the most important aspects to consider before using open source software for a professional project is the community that is present. Some open source projects start strong and then quickly fade from lack of involvement. An involved and active development community ensures that problems with the software will eventually be fixed, and also gives an outlet for questions about how an application functions.

It's possible find and buy source software content for management online such as Umesha Naik or you can use the reliability of Google project management.

One could find a free download of Kodak EasyShare software at CNET. They are the most comprehensive source for trying software for free. You could also try Kodak's website.

EMBOSS is an open source software project that is all about molecular biology. It was designed specifically for the European Molecular Biology community.

IT (Software) Projects fail because of:Unclear project goalsUnclear definition of the project successLack of user involvementLack of stakeholder supportBad project managementSource:

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