Functions of money market?


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what is the correlation between Indian stock market and foreign stock market


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The money market allows money available for short periods to be directed to those who can use it. The functions fulfilled by the money market are the following:Provides a mechanism such that institutions in a deficit position can borrow funds temporarily and institutions in a surplus position can invest the funds temporarily.The money market allows institutions to hold a proportion of their funds in liquid assets that will enable them realise cash quickly should the need arise.Enables the imbalances in the supply of money between the financial system as a whole and the government to be smoothed out. Through the conduct of Open Market Operation, the Central Bank will, through MMDs, daily offer to buy/sell money market instruments to the public in order to influence the money supply level. Where the intention is to decrease money supply (i.e. mop up liquidity), the CBN will sell instruments to the market. Conversely, where one intends to increase the money supply level (provide liquidity), the CBN will offers to buy instruments from the market.

money market is a market buying and selling of shares and security.

1. Raise capital for industry 2. Provide liquidity for financial instruments that trade in a secondary market ___ A capital market is a market for securities, where business enterprises (companies) and governments can raise long-term funds. It is defined as a market in which money is provided for periods longer than a year, as the raising of short-term funds takes place on other markets (e.g., the money market).

1. call money market 2. acceptance market 3. bill market 4. collateral loan market

1.Existing of unorganisation money market. 2.Lack of intigration, there is no different kinds of sub money market. 3.Disparity in interest rates, there is two money interstate in money market. 4.Lack of proper bill market. For the developed of money market they should be a bill market. 5.Lack of very well organized banking system.

is the drain of excess liquidity from the money market

Access to short term money to users to meet their short term requirements at a realistic price. offering a focal point for central bank intervention for influencing liquidity in the economy

The money market is used for one to invest money to make more money. The money market is what helps the economy to grow and prosper by one being interested to invest one's income.

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What is capital market? Basically the capital market is a type of financial market, it includes the stocks and bonds market as well. But in general the capital market is the market for securities where either companies or the government can raise long term funds What is the money market? Basically the money market is the global financial market for short-term borrowing and lending and provides short term liquid funding for the global financial system. The average amount of time that companies borrow money in a money market is about thirteen months or lower

Money market fund firms operate by combining many small investors' funds to accumulate the volume of money needed to buy money market instruments.

No, the money market funds are not risky as compared to the equity funds. They are just debt funds. In the money market the volatility is much less than in the equity market, that is why it is not risky.

No. Stock Market investors can make money as well as lose it. There is no guarantee that you will make money in the stock market

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