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Functions of spinal cord?

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it is abridge between brain and works as intake of sensory information from rest of the body towards the brain for proper functioning..senses heat coolness.pain, position the body in well pousterit rceives reflex action as well,

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What are the functions of cerebrospinal fluid?

it is a colourless, hydraulic cushion found within the ventricles of the brain, subarachnoid space around brain and spinal cord. functions: it acts as a shock absorber to protect the brain and spinal cord. it supplies nutrition to the brain and spinal cord. it removes waste products from the brain and spinal cord. it protects the brain and spinal cord from diseases causing organisms.

What are the main functions for the spinal cord?

the main function of the spinal cord is don't be so lazy and click on another sight .

How does the spinal cord carry functions out on a daily basis?

the spinal cord is connected to your brain. When you move their is a message to your brain to move.

What are three functions of the spinal cord?

One of the three functions of the spinal cord is to be a conduit for sensory information. It is also a conduit for motor information and is responsible for coordinating reflexes.

Two major functions of the Spinal cord?

The spinal cord provides a two way conduction pathway to and from the brain and is also a major reflex center: spinal reflexes are initiated and completed at the spinal cord level.

Why does paralysis occur when someone injures their spinal cord?

Spinal cord paralysis is damage to the spinal cord that causes a partial or total loss of muscle and sensory functions. The spinal cord does not need to be severed for paralysis to occur. The location of the spinal cord injury dictates what muscle and sensory functions are affected and the degree of injury (complete or incomplete) dictates how much (if any) function remains.

What are the functions of the brain?

the function of the brain is to deliver the mesages from the spinal cord or spinal column

What are some functions of the spinal cord?

The spina cord makes us stand well

What are two functions of the cerebrospinal fluid?

The Brain And Spinal Cord :)

What are the two functions of cerebrospinal fluid?

csf provide nutrition to brain and spinal cord it remove waste product from brain and spinal cord

How are the functions of the brain and spinal cord different?

The brain is the control, while the spinal cord is the carrier of messages sent from the brain to the lower body.

What is the spinal cord linked to?

The spinal cord is the main pathway for information connecting the brain and peripheral nervous system. The human spinal cord is protected by the bony spinal column. The bodies nervous system passes information for the bodies functions from the brain through the spinal cord via a massive network of nerves

What are the functions of a Frogs spinal cord?

The frog's spinal cord relays motor signals from the brain to the muscles of the body, and sensory information from the body to the brain.

What are the three major functions of the spinal cord?


What is the spinal condition where spinal cord grows and tightens the spinal cord?

Tethered Spinal Cord is a condition where the spinal cord is attached to the spinal column and that causes the cord to become stretched.

What functions as a bridge to interconnect messages between the spinal cord and brain?

The pons

The brain and spinal cord collectivly?

The brain and spinal cord are collectively called the Central Nervous Sytem which controls all most of the body's functions including movement.

What is a spinal cord tumor?

A spinal cord tumor is a benign or cancerous growth in the spinal cord, between the membranes covering the spinal cord, or in the spinal canal. A tumor in this location can compress the spinal cord or its nerve roots.

List and describe the functions of the spinal cord?

The function of spinal cord are: 1. It helps us to walk even like so it help us neck back & legs .

What connects the brain to the spinal cord and takes care of basic involuntary functions?


What are the main organs in the nervous system and what are their functions?

It is your brain and spinal cord, along with the nerves.

What are functions of the spinal cord?

It carries nerve impulses from the brain to the body, and back to the brain.

What are the functions of the human spinal cord?

The spinal cord is the mechanism by which your brain communicates with all the parts of your body, below the base of your skull. It's how you get your fingers to move when you're typing. Your toes to move while balancing. Your legs to move when running. Everything your body does is accomplished by your brain communicating with your body through the spinal cord. Even involuntary functions like your lungs breathing, your digestive functions, everything.

Function of the spinal cord?

function of the spinal cord?

What does spinal cord mean?

What does spinal cord mean?