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What would you like to know? I moved back into my parents old house (modern style built '58-59) when they retired out of the state and I still "nurse" the old GE wall refrigerator (model LW-11P) to this day.

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Can you install a TV wall mount with just a screwdriver?

To install a TV wall mount, an electric screwdriver or drill is recommended in order to get through into the stud.

How many inches does the mount stick out from the wall?

The mount sticks out from the wall about 1.75" at its widest point.

Does the wall mount have a weight limit?

Yes. This wall mount has a weight capacity of 115 pounds.

How hard is it to install the Panasonic TYWK65PV7 Plasma Wall Mount?

It is not very hard to install a panasonic plasma wall mount, you will need a small screwdriver when installing this wall mount.

Does this TV come with a bracket for hanging it on the wall?

If you wish to mount this TV on the wall you must purchase a seperate wall mount kit.

How can you use mount in a sentence?

I will mount the picture on the wall.

An LCD mount is used to do what?

An LCD mount connects a computer or television to the wall. The mount ensures that the TV or computer is securely attached to the wall.

Can you wall mount the samsung S23C570H 23 widescreen lcd monitor using a tv wall mount?


Where can one purchase LCD wall mount brackets?

LCD wall mount brackets are used to mount a flat screen television to ones wall. Best Buy, Future Shop, Walmart as well as Visions Electronics all sell LCD wall mount brackets.

What is the purpose of a HDTV wall mount?

The purpose for a TV wall mount is to make double sure that the TV stays soundly on your wall. And finding a specific wall mount is critical because it protects your investment and offers other options.

How do you store a refrigerator?

When storing a refrigerator, either remove the refrigerator door or block the door closed by standing the door side next to a wall.

Do any screws come with the wall mount?

Yes, the screws needed to install this wall mount are included in the purchase of it.

What is needed to install a plasma wall mount?

Some of the main things that you will need to install a plasma wall mount would be screws, a very sturdy wall, and a screwdriver. You will also need the mount itself.

Can you mount a flat screen tv on an exterior wall?

Yes. The only complication might be that, if you need to run the wires to the TV inside the wall and the exterior wall is insulated, it may be difficult to fish the wires through the wall cavity.

Can you wall mount a computer monitor?

Computer monitors can easily be wall mounted using any standard VESA mount.

How do you wall mount Panasonic cordless phone?

How do you wall mount the Telstra 12350 DECT 6.0 cordless phone please

What kind of tools are needed to mount this on a plaster wall?

This wall mount is not designed for plaster mounting,stud mounting is required.

Can the wall mount be used with a large computer monitor?

Yes, the wall mount can be used for a large computer model, granted that it is a thin, flatscreen monitor and that it does not exceed the maximum dimensions for a TV that the wall mount is meant to hold. Many computer monitors can be used with a wall mount but a lot depends on the monitor itself.

What are the functions of a wall mount?

A wall mount allows an object (usually a flat television) to be mounted to a wall. It connects to the wall with Molly bolts and screws and usually has a way for the device to connect easily to it.

Do you have to center flat screen wall mount with wall studs?

The better you can mount a flat screen TV, the better for your TV. Hitting the wall studs is always a preferred choice. Just hanging a set through the dry wall or plaster is inviting a catastrophe later. ---- NO. The wall mount TV bracket does not need to be centered on a stud. Wall mount TV brackets are designed to allow you to install the TV just about anywhere on the wall of your choice. There are many mounting holes on these brackets so even if your bracket is not centered with a stud, you should still be able to hit a stud or two with the holes provided on your mount. If you live in the Connecticut area, Streamline Home Theaters can properly mount your tv bracket and conceil all your wires inside the wall at a very reasonable price check out their website for details

Where can one purchase a wall mount bottle opener?

A wall mount bottle opener can be purchased from Amazon. Amazon has 260 wall mount bottle openers listed for sale, from brands such as STARRX, Coca-Cola, and HomArt.

Does the tilt mount need to be mounted on studs Or is anywhere on the wall fine?

Peerless-ST640-Smartmount-Universal-Tilt-Mount can be fitted anywhere on the wall with the help of the stud it is provided with. The studs are needed to mount it on the wall, anywhere.

Are there any televisions that are made with the idea of mounting them in mind and that are sold with the mount itself?

There are some Sony television that includes the wall mount, so you can mount the TV on the wall without having the purchase the mount.

What is the benefit of a wall mount LCD TV?

Wall mounts are definitely a great addition to living rooms. By placing the wall mount up, living rooms instantly become bigger looking. As well the wall mount makes things look a lot neater.

Where can I find cheap wall mount TVs?

Televisions that are mounted to the wall aren't necessarily "wall-mount TVs." Rather they are televisions that have been attached to the wall with special clips. You can get the mount clips for as cheap as $10 from any electronic store, like Best Buy.