George Washington

George Washington fought in what war?


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The French and Indian War and the American Revolution

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No, George Washington fought in the American Revolutionary War.

George Washington fought for independence in the Revolutionary War!!!!!!!!!

George Washington was 43 when the revolutionary war began.

He fought in the French and Indian War, before he fought in the Revolutionary War.

A young George Washington fought for the British in the French and Indian War.

He went to war and fought for our country

he fought for the revolutionary war

George Washington did nothing to start the French and Indian War, he fought in it as a British soldier.

George Washington was the 1st president of this country and fought in Revolutionary War.

One thin I know is that he fought in the revolutionary war

no his brother fought in the war before he did

Because , he was brave and fought in the war before.

Yes. George Washington fought in two wars the French and Indian War (also known as the Seven Years War) from 1754-1763, and the American Revolution War from 1775-1781.And he also fought in the war of 1978

Washington fought in both the French and Indian war and the revolutionary war.George Washington fought as an officer in the British Army in the French and Indian Wars and later as Commander-in-Chief of the (American) Continental Army in the American war of Independence (the Revolutionary War).

No, the American civil war was fought from 1861 to 1865. George Washington died December 14, 1799.

George Washington fought in the French & Indian Wars, and was the Commander and Chief of Colonial Forces during the Revolutionary War.

George Washington was fought in the Revolutionary war, he was a commander of the Second Continental Army. And he was a commander of Virginian army during French and Indian War.

george fought in the revolutionary war because he thought the taxes were unfair paloma

he fought in nine battles during the revolutionary war.

Btw, its which president, and the answer is George Washington

Neither. We say the title and name together: "President George Washington fought in the Revolutionary War", as opposed to "President, George Washington, fought in the Revolutionary War". To make it an appositive it would need to read: " A president, George Washington, fought in the Revolutionay War". Because then it is reiterating "A president" but isnt necessary for completion of the idea.

George Washington led the Continental Army which fought the British during the Revolutionary War (war for independence from Britain).

George Washington was the commander of the American Forces that opposed the British In the Revolutionary War. He fought for America's freedom, not for Britain.

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