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The uncolored material is probably residual semen from a prior ejaculation. Depending on how long it has been, it might be partially coagulated and look like little tiny wrinkled tubes. It is also possible that the small discharge of semen is due to not having an ejaculation in a while, but I'll let someone else address that if I'm wrong.

This is somewhat normal, and should not be a concern. If it persists, however, and/or you notice other things such as a large change in the volume or delivery rate of your urine, you should see your doctor.

The reason for this is that the delivery path for urine and semen shares some of the same Plumbing, so to speak, i.e. the urethra (penis) and various mixing vessels and parts in the prostate gland.

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Q: Give aswer to your problem and tell you how this occer when you go to toilet an uncolored material and some time sperem also come with the urinethe quantity of your sperem goes less what is the eff?
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