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Hi, There are more different type refrigerants on the books than you would ever even believe. A few oldies being sulfer,anhydrous ammonia,water itself has been used. You have had your Refrigerant designation numbers assigned to tons of them. It is really interesting to see what all you'll track down that has been used or is in use. If you are really interested, I advice you to take an E.P.A. Refrigerant Licensing Course. E.P.A. ( Envioronmental Protection Agency ),,, the guys that care bout our planet and what happens to it. You'll probably be glad u did! I know I was. I've even done update versions just to keep up with the new angles and rule modifications and such. Tons has changed since the first testing was done for the handling and dispensing and storage of refrigerants. There are also rules for safe shipping of it which also must meet O.S.H.A. standards. Hope you'll do this, Have fun!!! Think Green,,,, Jimiwane

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Q: Give me the types of refrigerant?
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What is refrigerant compatibility?

Refrigerant compatibility refers to different types of refrigerant being compatible. Not all air conditioners use the same type of refrigerant and not all refrigerants are compatible in every air conditioner.

Would using 134a freon on our home central air hurt it?

That depends if it is supposed to have R134a. Never mix refrigerant types.That depends if it is supposed to have R134a. Never mix refrigerant types.

Does a refrigerant give up heat when it condenses evaporates or vaporizes?


Why does your refrigerator give off so much heat?

The compressor compresses the refrigerant gas. This raises the refrigerant's pressure and temperature, so the heat-exchanging coils outside the refrigerator allow the refrigerant to dissipate the heat of pressurization.

Define a near-azeotropic refrigerant blend and give two examples?

a blended refrigerant with less than 10F temperature glide, 41oA and 404A are examples.

Define a near-azeotropic refrigerant blend and give two examples.?

a blended refrigerant with less than 10F temperature glide, 41oA and 404A are examples.

What does refrigerant compatibility mean not what it is?

Refrigerant compaticilty is about suiting the refrigerant to your refrigerant system. Every cooling system has refrigerant in it which depends on the type of system you use. If the refrigerant not matches with your system, it wont work. This is refrigerant compatibility.

Give and explain the types of literature?

give the types of literature and explain.?

When did VW start using R-134a refrigerant?

please give me pressure knowledge for refrigerator

What Disposable refrigerant containers are used for what type of refrigerant?

Disposable refrigerant containers are only used for virgin refrigerant.

Which classifications of refrigerant damage the ozone layer?

Refrigerants come in various types. The CFC's in refrigerants damage the ozone.

Give two examples of a pure compound refrigerant?

Ammonia and propane can be used as refrigerants, The most well known refrigerant is Freon. Many of the small chain hydrocarbons can be used as refrigerants.

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