Give me the types of refrigerant?

Hi, There are more different type refrigerants on the books than you would ever even believe. A few oldies being sulfer,anhydrous ammonia,water itself has been used. You have had your Refrigerant designation numbers assigned to tons of them. It is really interesting to see what all you'll track down that has been used or is in use. If you are really interested, I advice you to take an E.P.A. Refrigerant Licensing Course. E.P.A. ( Envioronmental Protection Agency ),,, the guys that care bout our planet and what happens to it. You'll probably be glad u did! I know I was. I've even done update versions just to keep up with the new angles and rule modifications and such. Tons has changed since the first testing was done for the handling and dispensing and storage of refrigerants. There are also rules for safe shipping of it which also must meet O.S.H.A. standards. Hope you'll do this, Have fun!!! Think Green,,,, Jimiwane