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AnswerHe should be alert and be organised all the time.

He should not be careless as there might be mistakes made, eg. using wrong chemicals as a result of unmarked beakers etc.

He should also be humble and interested in the work he is doing. What he is doing should be for the good of humans and not just the scientist himself.

He ought to be persistent and be willing to spend time for thourough research and try again and again before getting an answer to his research questions. He should never give up.

He should be honest and carry out an honest research which is done by him or her self.

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Gregor Mendel was the first scientist to study inherited traits.

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Good traits of a scientist is that he/she know what he/she doing they also must be responsible and disciplined and they should be open-minded

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The traits of the scientist are: Analytical, humble, honest, rational, curious, creative, open-minded, focused, un-selfish, determined, thorough and accurate. Those are the traits that scientists must have.

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It could give the offspring a trait that the scientist doing the selective breeding dont want the offspring to have.

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Traits of a Scientist 1. keen observer 2. creative 3. open-minded 4. objective 5. cautious in making judgment 6. patient 7. persevering 8. intellectually honest 9. analytical and critical 10. aware of the limitations of science 11. humble Source: Science and Technology by: Dr. Amelia P. Mapa and Rowena R. Campos

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well mendle use genetic traits while his other scientist did observations in a lab and he studied ALL traits other scientist studied a specific trait

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They knew traits were inherited, but did not know why.

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